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How much does it cost to Rent Lighting Equipment Nationwide?

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Whether you’re hosting an event or organizing a film production, lighting is an indispensable element to your setup. After all, lighting helps set the right atmosphere and ambiance for any venue or scene. But aside from the right choice of gear, the cost to rent lighting equipment is surely one of your major concerns.
In this post, we will give you a quick rundown of how much it costs to rent lighting equipment Nationwide, together with some factors you need to consider. Read on to see how much of your budget you need to prepare for this rental!

Average cost of lighting equipment rental Nationwide

How much does it cost to Rent Lighting Equipment Nationwide
The cost of professional lighting equipment rental varies widely, depending on what you exactly need. Below, listed our most popular lighting rental options and their average prices:

1.  Stage lighting

Stage lighting rental are composed of multiple lighting fixtures and often require elaborate planning to achieve our client’s vision. For this, we offer custom packages after discussing the specific requirements.
Interested in how much to rent stage lights? Feel free to request a quote or call us today for more information.
And while you’re shopping for stage lighting, you can also get a complete stage rental setup from us. That way, you only have to call one provider who will execute your stage design.

2.  DJ lighting

For DJ lighting rental, each piece of our equipment can be rented for $20 to $100 per day. We also have pre-set packages that range from $350 to $630, depending on the inclusions. As with stage lighting, we can also create a custom package for you with a complete price breakdown.
If you’re setting up an entire DJ booth, we also have DJ equipment rental packages, which are inclusive of mixers, speakers, LED booths, and lighting, starting at $2,499.

3.  Party lighting

When it comes to party lighting rental, our packages starting at $999 per day. This already consists of truss towers, spotlights, moving heads, effect lights, a lighting control system, uplights, and all necessary peripherals.
For bigger events, we have an all-inclusive package for $6,499, which you can check here.

4.  Wedding lighting

Wedding lighting rental is one of our most popular offerings. Couples can choose from wedding uplighting or our pre-set wedding lighting packages starting at $999. But for the most extravagant wedding celebrations, we also have the perfect lighting package that costs $6,499, including delivery and setup.

5.  Uplighting

Our uplighting rental is always in demand for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and basically any event type. For starters, we have wireless LED uplights that you can rent per piece for $49 a day.
But if you’re setting up a big event, we have pre-set uplighting packages starting at $350. If you’re not sure what uplighting you need, call us and our lighting specialists will help you select the best equipment for your event.

6.  String lights

String lights rental is very popular for intimate events, such as backyard parties, weddings, and birthday parties. Our string lights are available in perfect warm white with shatterproof LED bulbs and an IP66 rating.
You can choose from our market lights or Edison lights, available for as low as $2 to $6 per day.

7.  Event lighting

Lighting for events has the power to transform the most boring venue into a stunning space. Whether it’s a conference, convention, concert, festival, or private event, we have the event lighting rental to meet your needs.
For event lighting, our package starts at $800, but you can always contact us for a custom quote.

8.  Outdoor lighting

Unlike other lighting fixtures, our outdoor lighting rental is weather-proof and safe to use even in windy or rainy conditions. This is perfect for lighting up signs, illuminating walkways, or setting up an outdoor event. We also have a film lighting rental in LA for all kinds of productions.
For pricing of our outdoor lighting equipment rental services, feel free to call us or request a quote from our website.

Factors affecting lighting equipment rental prices

How much does it cost to Rent Lighting Equipment Nationwide
The exact cost of your light rentals Nationwide depends on several factors. In general, we have to consider these aspects before giving you a quote:

1.  Type of equipment

When it comes to event lighting rental Nationwide, we first have to determine what type of equipment you need. This way, we can prepare a custom quote complete with a breakdown of each piece of equipment.
In general, the more equipment you need, the higher the rental cost will be. This same goes if you’re going to request a high level of customization on the setup.

2.  Rental duration

Another thing you have to consider is the length of the rental. All our lighting equipment and packages are priced per day, so long events will demand a higher rental cost.
The good thing is that we offer special discounts if you’re hosting multi-day events. Inquire from us anytime, and we’ll get your project started!

3.  Technical support

One of the questions you should ask when renting lighting equipment is if it’s already inclusive of technical support.
For the most part, our lighting packages already include delivery, setup, and teardown. If you want to have a lighting specialist onsite to operate your setup, you can request it for an additional fee.
If you’re hosting a big event, we always recommend having our lighting specialist onsite. This way, you’ll have an expert to troubleshoot any technical problems that may arise.

4.  Event location

When booking professional lighting for hire Nationwide, you should also consider where your venue is located. Venues with challenging logistics may cost an additional fee for the lighting rental setup. 
Aside from that, we have to factor in your event and venue size to ensure that we will deliver the best lighting solutions.

5.  Timing of rental

During holidays, the demand for lighting rentals increases, which will cause its prices to soar. The same goes for last-minute bookings, whether during peak season or regular days.
Overall, we recommend booking your lighting rentals as far in advance as possible. This way, you can take advantage of the lowest prices or even exclusive discounts.

Why renting is more cost-effective than buying lighting equipment

Are you torn between renting or buying your own lighting equipment? Both have their pros and cons, but it’s important to assess which is the most cost-efficient option for you.
Here’s a quick comparison of the two:

Renting lighting equipment

Renting AV equipment, such as lighting, is the top choice of many event planners and organizers. Here’s the upsides and downsides of renting instead of buying this gear:

Pros of renting equipment

  • Access to massive options. With renting, you can choose from a wide range of lighting inventory from your preferred provider. This way, you can get the best lighting setup for every event.
  • Lower costs. Compared to the upfront cost of buying the lighting fixtures, renting is far more affordable. This is cost-effective if you don’t usually need many lighting fixtures for your events.
  • Expert operation. AV companies offering lighting rentals also have in-house light engineers who can operate the setup for you. This saves you from the hassle and worry of dealing with the technical stuff.
  • Trying before buying. If you’re keen to buy your lighting equipment soon, renting will let you test various brands and models.

Cons of renting equipment

  • Fluctuating availability. If you don’t book your rentals early, it might be challenging to find good providers, especially during the peak season.

Buying lighting equipment

If you have the budget, buying lighting fixtures might be a cost-effective decision. But first, you should consider these pros and cons:

Pros of buying equipment

  • Ownership. Buying your own equipment can be a good long-term investment, especially if you’re an event planner hosting events heavy on lighting.
  • Always available. Since it’s your own equipment, you don’t have to compete with the availability of rental companies.

Cons of buying equipment

  • Maintenance cost. The biggest disadvantage of buying your own lighting gear is the maintenance cost that comes with it. You’re financially responsible for repairs and upgrades.
  • High cost of transportation. Aside from acquiring the equipment, you also need to purchase and maintain a vehicle to transport your lighting equipment.
  • Limited options. You’re stuck with the option you can afford to buy, which leaves very little room for customization.

Looking for the best lighting rental service in LA?

If you’re looking for affordable yet world-class lighting rentals Nationwide, Rent For Event is the AV company to call. We have a large inventory of lighting fixtures, be it for small gatherings or a stadium-sized festival, concert, or conference.
All our lighting equipment undergo quality control to ensure that it will deliver maximum audiovisual impact on your event. We also have a team of AV specialists who will deliver, set up, operate, and tear down everything, so you’ll have a fail-safe event.
So, if you want lighting rentals trusted by big brands like Netflix, CBS, BET TV, and TikTok, call us or request a quote today!

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