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10 BBQ Party Ideas for Adults That Are Easy to Plan

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Barbecue parties are fun, but for busy adults, planning can be a bit unsavory. And if you’re the one hosting the upcoming grill fest, you’re surely looking for BBQ party ideas that are easy to do yet still enjoyable for everyone invited.
From the right choice of food, games, décor, and whatnot, we listed here some grill party ideas that will surely satisfy even the pickiest eater in your circle. Read on and see which of these BBQ party ideas will bring the thrill to the grill!

10 easy BBQ party ideas for adults

10 BBQ Party Ideas for Adults That Are Easy to Plan
Planning a BBQ party doesn’t have to feel like you’re throwing a block party. With the barbecue party ideas below, you can host a gathering for your family and friends that they will surely love:

1.  Outdoor movie night

If you’re looking for a fail-safe BBQ party idea, a backyard movie night would be a choice. This is a big hit for kids and adults, and you can let your guests choose which movies to stream while enjoying some grilled delights.
To make the planning easy, simply book an outdoor movie screen rental so you don’t have to worry about the setup. This already includes a giant inflatable screen with high-powered projects and a sound equipment rental that we can set up in your backyard, park, or parking lot.
But if you’re thinking of a more intimate BBQ night with friends and family, a projector and screen rental would be a cost-effective choice. If you’re unsure which equipment to choose, call us at Rent For Event, and our AV specialists will handle everything for a hassle-free BBQ party.

2.  Themed BBQ party

Themed parties are classic backyard barbecue ideas that never go out of style. You can suggest BBQ themes to your guests, and they can vote on which one they like. It can be Mexican, Hawaiian, Western BBQ, Texan BBQ, and so on.
If your guests would love it, you can also encourage them to dress by the theme. You can pair this with matching décor, drinks, and a BBQ menu if you have the time to spare. Above all, you shouldn’t forget to take nice photos or even book our 3-in-1 photo booth rental for instant social sharing.
With this, you can put an exciting twist to the traditional barbecue gatherings with family and friends. Everyone will surely have fun eating yummy food and taking photos of your themed setup.

3.  BBQ game night

You can also put your game on with a BBQ game night with family and friends. Make sure you organize a list of BBQ game ideas to keep the fun – and food – going.
For this, you can set up game stations so everyone can enjoy something while waiting for food to be cooked. On top of that, you should provide comfy seating, a steady flow of drinks, and music for the right ambiance.
Some classic game ideas include cornhole, lawn Jenga, sack race, trivia games, scavenger hunt, musical chairs, and so on. Just make sure that you match the choice of games to the age and personality of your guests.

4.  Karaoke & BBQ party

You and your friends can sing your hearts out with a karaoke party with a barbecue twist. For this, you can book our karaoke machine rental with over 34,000 songs that you can’t find on other karaoke machines. On top of that, our setup includes concert-quality microphones and a built-in iPad.  
Aside from the party equipment rental, you shouldn’t forget about the star of the show: good food! Make sure you prepare a sumptuous menu that everyone will make your guests sing in delight.
And to keep the fun going, you can also hold a friendly competition to see who sings the best. You can ask some of your guests to judge the performances all for fun.

5.  Cocktail BBQ party

If your guests want to let loose with some booze, a cocktail BBQ party will be a good idea. But if some of your guests can’t drink alcohol, you can also set up a ‘mocktail’ bar, so everyone will have a choice of drink.
You can throw a laidback cocktail party with nice food, or you can liven it up with a complete DJ equipment rental and light rentals setup.
But wait, does a DJ BBQ party sound like too much work? Not with Rent For Event! You can hire us to provide all the equipment and setup you need for your party. We also have a technician onsite who will operate and teardown everything once your party is done. All you have to do is enjoy!
Call us today or choose the services you need on our website. Our specialist will send you a quote shortly.

6.  BBQ potluck

If you’re too busy and don’t have time to prepare BBQ party food ideas, the easy option is to do a potluck instead. This way, you don’t have to do all the work yourself since you can ask the guests to bring snacks, drinks, or dishes for the grill.
You can also coordinate dishes using a sign-up sheet to ensure your party will have a nice variety of food items. Aside from that, you can set up a buffet to make it easy for the guests to check the food and serve themselves.
Overall, a BBQ potluck is also a good way to let your family or friends share their recipes. Paired with fun games and stories, you’ll surely have a fun party.

7.  Barbecue cookout

With a barbecue cookout, you don’t have to be stuck on the grill all day or night long. You can turn the party into a friendly competition by asking some guests to judge the food that will be prepared by the ‘contestants’.
This is a perfect idea for family BBQ gatherings. It’s a win-win for everyone since they get to show off their grilling skills, and all guests will enjoy filling meals. 
You can also prepare a small prize for whoever wins the BBQ cookout. This will make the party more exciting and all involved will surely feel like they are part of their own cooking show!
To complete the vibe, you can also come up with some cookout decor ideas. You can prepare a funny trophy for the ‘best cook’, which will also serve as a memorable token for that day.

8.  BBQ pool party

If there will be kids at the gathering, a pool party will be a wise choice. The kids can enjoy swimming while the adults can gather up around the grill to prepare meals and bond.
Make sure you have some pool floats and inflatables, as well as pool games to keep everyone entertained. And, of course, a poolside BBQ grill packed with hot dogs, kebabs, burgers, and more will complete the ensemble.
By nighttime, you can transform the venue into an outdoor movie setup. This is a great nightcap after a fun day of enjoying hearty meals and having a splash at the pool.

9.  BBQ party by the beach

If you’ve had a pool party before, you can level it up by having a barbecue party by the sea. You can rent a beach house and set a bonfire where everyone can gather at night, enjoy some grilled goodies, and share stories. This is a perfect summer outing idea, be it with your family or friends.
Aside from that, you can also bring speakers to play some cool music to set the vibe. And, of course, the beach experience will not be complete without some water sports activities or games, such as beach volleyball, Frisbee, sandcastle building contests, and more.

10. Fire pit gathering

For a more laid-back party, you can suggest a fire pit gathering with your guests. This is also a good idea for last-minute parties where you don’t have much time to plan or pull things off.
Also, this is an intimate setup if you’ll only have a few guests over. You can set up a s’mores bar, roast marshmallows with the kids, or make DIY fire pit pizza.
If you have the extra budget, you can also invite musicians to play live music. Or, if you and your friends have a knack for singing, you can turn this fire pit party into an acoustic jam session throughout the night.

More tips for the best BBQ party

10 BBQ Party Ideas for Adults That Are Easy to Plan
To make sure that your BBQ party will be memorable, you should also consider these additional touches:

1.  Prepare gifts for your guests

Instead of sending guests home empty-handed (or with a bunch of leftovers), you can also give them a small token to appreciate their presence. It can be a small bag packed with goodies, a bottle of fancy wine, or a gift basket.
This will make your guests feel special, and they will surely look forward to the next party you’ll host.

2.  Take your menu seriously

Remember that the success of your BBQ party relies on your mouthwatering spread. Make sure you have a variety of dishes to accommodate all types of appetites of your guests. Also, it’s important to ask for any allergen information or food sensitivities so you can avoid any emergencies later.
For the menu, you can prepare some classic veggie skewers, burgers, hot dogs, steaks, kabobs, pork chops, and more. You should also pair it with matching condiments and toppings.
Also, don’t forget some flavorful additions like watermelon, guacamole, and chips. And to freshen up the palate, you should also prepare some drinks, such as lemonade, punch, or your guests’ choice of booze.

3.  Stock up on charcoal

Some of us are guilty of ruining a fun BBQ party by forgetting to get enough charcoal or propane. You wouldn’t want half-cooked burgers getting cold on the grill while you go for a charcoal run in the middle of the party.
For this, you should assess the size of your guest list and how much food will be prepared. This way, you’ll have an idea about how much fuel you need to get ahead of time.

4.  Don’t forget about lighting

Barbecue parties often stretch up until nighttime, and you wouldn’t want everyone to be in the dark. With this, make sure you have lights in place so you won’t end up scrambling to find a flashlight or some old bulbs.
For a decorative and cozy atmosphere, you can also get string lighting rental and hang them overhead. This will add a rustic and decorative touch to your barbecue party, which will surely become Instagram-worthy at dusk.

5.  Prepare for the bugs

Don’t make that one big rookie mistake. Outdoor parties often get insects as unwanted guests, including ants, flies, and mosquitoes. Make sure you light up some citronella candles as the night approaches to ward off the pesky bloodsuckers.
You can also get cans of bug sprays and place them on outdoor tables. And lastly, you can burn some sage on your fire pit or bonfire to get rid of these insects as much as possible.

Let’s make your barbecue party fun and easy!

If your barbecue party needs audiovisual solutions, Rent For Event is the top AV company of choice. We are the one-stop provider of outdoor movie rentals, karaoke machines, lighting, audio equipment, and more!
The best thing is that we make everything easy for you. We also provide complete delivery, setup, operation, and teardown, so you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff. Our AV specialists can also help you select the right equipment to make your BBQ party a guaranteed success.
Whatever party you’re planning, Rent For Event is ready to make it more special with the best AV equipment. Call us today or choose your service at our website to get a free estimate!

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