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Top 7 Examples of Using Lighting for Events

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Lighting for events plays a huge role in setting the ambiance and mood of the occasion. It can transform a drab venue into a sophisticated space. But for this to happen, you should know how to maximize the functionality of your lighting.

We know how overwhelming event lighting can be. It’s complicated to set up, especially in very large venues.

As an expert event production company, we’re going to share here some of our lighting techniques. Read on to see what will work best for your next event. 

Benefits of lighting for your event

Event light delivers a positive impact on your event. Aside from its aesthetic value, your event will enjoy the following benefits of proper lighting:

Focus on the subject of the event. Lighting will allow you to draw the guests’ attention to the focus of your event. It can be a product, service, or the person being celebrated.

Audience engagement. Event lighting will keep your audience immersed in your event. As visual beings, humans are naturally attracted to aesthetic elements.

Boost the mood. Event lighting can set any mood – whether it’s energetic or romantic. It won’t just change the look of your venue; it will also impact how your guests feel.

Social sharing. No guest can resist taking pictures of Instagram-worthy event lighting. By voluntarily posting photos of your event online, your guests will give you a free brand boost.

Safety. Event lights are also necessary for the safety of your guests. It ensures that your attendees can navigate around the venue. Overall, your event lighting should make the exit, entrance, and bathrooms easy to locate.

Enhancing sound systems. Your lighting should work hand in hand with your sound system. This is to enhance your audience’s experience of your event.

Lighting ideas for your next event

Do you want to level up your event’s lighting? You can use any of these to see the difference. 

1. Uplighting for drapings

Uplighting is an event staple and it can make a big impact on your venue. It can be placed along walls to make the ceiling look higher. This will also make plain walls more aesthetic without the need to paint or cover them.

Aside from that, it’s a perfect pair for draping. It will make your curtains look classy, not to mention that you can play with its colors.

You can also use uplights on product displays. There are mini uplights that can be used for this purpose to highlight the item you’re marketing. 

2. Gobos for event branding

Gobos are both decorative and practical to use at events. You can request a stencil of your brand logo that can be displayed throughout the event.

Unlike printed logos, gobos can be projected anywhere. It can also include various colors to make the stencil more eye-catching. This will make more impact on your audience, which will increase brand awareness.

Overall, gobos are great additions for product launches, corporate parties, awards nights, and more. This will give your venue a more dynamic and elite vibe. 

3. Pin lights for table centerpieces

Pin lighting is an effective way to liven up the tables of your guests. This way, the tables will look lively even if the ambient lights go dim.

Aside from that, pin lighting for tables will highlight your centerpieces. This is very useful for tables with dark linens where the centerpieces might be less noticeable.

In addition to practical uses, pin lights also add a dramatic touch to your venue. You can choose from bright or warm tones to match the atmosphere of your event.

However, pin lights must be set up strategically. This is to ensure that the lights are aesthetic without being too overpowering up close. 

4. LED lighting for corners and edges

LED lights provide an aesthetic touch to your venue. You can combine LED washes with moving lights and gobos to create an entertaining lighting setup for your guests.

Aside from that, you can outline your door frames and entryway corners with LED strips. This is very helpful for events that use dim lights. It will both provide a decorative touch while keeping your guests safe from tripping or bumping into things. LED lights can also be placed under bistro tables or as hanging tubes along hallways.

Unlike tungsten bulbs, LED lights last longer and are safer to use for longer periods. It’s also available in a wide range of colors and intensities. LED lights are also easily dimmable using a remote controller.

Another popular LED trend you can try nowadays is the balloon light. It comes with a lightweight LED light placed inside an inflated latex balloon. This can be placed on guest tables, perfect for birthday parties and weddings. It’s also useful for corporate events with the company logo printed on the balloon material. 

5. Buffet lighting for parties

If you have a bar or buffet at your event, you shouldn’t miss the chance to highlight it with proper lighting. This will make your buffet look eye-pleasing and it will also let the guests locate where the food and drinks are.

Hanging lights are an excellent option for buffet tables. You can pair this with votives, which are safer than taper or pillar candles.

You can also use marquee letters with lighting that says “FOOD” or “BAR”. This will help direct your guests to where refreshments can be accessed. 

6. String lights for a cozy vibe

String lights are a versatile lighting option for any event. It can be used as accent lights on tables or wall decorations.

Aside from that, string lights can give your event a magical feel. You can choose string lights with a color that suits the ambiance that you want to imbibe. You can also select the bulb size to match the installation area.

Overall, string lights are staples for events like weddings, intimate dinners, or outdoor movie nights. 

7. Laser lights for upbeat events

For upbeat events like DJ parties, product launches, and NFT events, laser lights can make a big difference. AV companies like Rent For Event can also perform laser mapping for laser shows or special event projections.

This can be used to display texts, patterns, or images. It’s also useful for marketing events when utilized to display logos and promotional material. 

Putting the spotlight on your event

Whether you’re planning an informal gathering or corporate event, lighting is an indispensable tool to make an impact. Here at Rent For Event, we will light up your venue and bring your vision to life. We can transform any venue into a visual spectacle using world-class lighting systems.

Instead of stressing yourself over the technical aspect of your lighting, you can trust our professional team. We have all your event lighting needs covered from start to finish. 

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