Maximizing Your Event Audiovisual Impact: Expert Tips for Equipment Selection

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Audiovisual equipment selection is more than just knowing the price of your rentals. To maximize the impact on your audience, you need a working knowledge of your event needs and how each type of audiovisual technology works.
The good news is that you don’t have to go through the selection process alone. In this post, we will share some tips as a trusted AV company that has worked with big names like Netflix, BET TV, and CBS.
Read on to learn how to get the most out of your audiovisual budget for your next event.
Maximizing Your Event Audiovisual Impact

How to choose audiovisual equipment for your event

1. Share your event vision with your AV provider

No matter how experienced the company is, they won’t be able to visualize your event if you won’t share your vision.
Don’t hold back: ask for meetings and on-site visits, create a storyboard, discuss theme options, and so on.
Be the director of your event. Only this way that your audiovisual equipment provider can understand what you need.
A good AV company will not mind going through multiple consultations with you. Also, they should be open to customizing every rental to achieve your vision instead of sticking to cookie-cutter solutions.
From there, you can proceed to the next tip.

2. Ask your audiovisual provider for 3D rendering

Once you’ve laid out your vision for the event, it’s the AV company’s turn to bring it to life.
Experienced audiovisual providers use 3D rendering software tools to visualize the setup. This will let you see how each rental will come together before your event day.
It will also give you a chance to request changes to improve the setup better. You may even need to replace or add more equipment during this planning process.

3. Ask for the company's previous works

Don’t believe what the AV company says they can do. Instead, let their portfolio speak for itself.
This will give you a first-hand look at the caliber of the company’s audiovisual experience.
AV providers with mind-blowing 2D and 3D projection mapping projects are the finest in the industry, positioning you better against competitors.
Remember that sophisticated AV equipment and media devices are easy to come by. However, the creativity and brains to make the most of it aren’t.
Therefore, don’t get blindsided by flashy equipment brands or features. Wait until you see what your provider can do with it – that’s how you select which company to go with.

4. Take sound checks seriously

Your sound system can make or break your event. Nothing is more embarrassing than patchy microphones or speakers with poor coverage.
Once you’ve selected an AV company, make sure that you conduct sound checks hours before the event starts.
Take note that an audio system will sound differently in a room full of people than when it’s empty.
This is why you should only work with experienced sound engineers who can adjust your sound equipment based on the number of people and your venue.
It’s important that everyone in your venue can hear all audio material crystal-clear. Experienced sound engineers will make sure that this is covered.

5. Match your media to your equipment

When planning a large event, it’s easy to overlook the smallest details. The last thing you want is an audio file not playing because it’s incompatible with the equipment or system.
This is where the value of working with professional AV technicians comes in. Experienced sound techs won’t miss this detail. It will give you peace of mind while you work on other aspects of your event.

6. Make lighting both aesthetic and functional

Your event lighting should look good and serve its purpose at the same time.
Plan your lighting around high-traffic areas. These are the spots where people will spend the most time and must be adequately lit.
Some good examples are conference tables, bars at a party, and restrooms. You’d want your guests to see everything clearly in these areas for aesthetic and practical reasons.
At the same time, you can use this opportunity to add your branding to your lighting element. For example, GOBO lights will let you project your logo or brand name on the wall, floor, ceiling, etc.
Also, be smart with your choice of color. Proper colors can transform bland venues into stunning event spaces, even with limited decoration.

7. Prepare for what could go wrong

Not everything will go as planned for every event. This is why you need a backup plan for your AV setup in case of glitches.
Consider asking your AV provider for backup audio and visual equipment. This will make your event fail-safe should technical difficulties arise.
Above all, ensure that you and your AV company are on the same page. Confirm dates, setup, inclusions, and other details to prevent issues during your event.

8. Ask for on-site technicians during the event

Even if you have knowledge about audiovisual systems, it’s better to have on-site technicians handle everything for you.
For one, professional AV techs know the ins and outs of every piece of equipment. Should problems arise, they can quickly troubleshoot and resolve the issue.
Secondly, it will take the stress off your shoulder. Running an event is a massive chore, and you can’t handle everything on your own.
Selecting and operating an AV setup on your own will only lead to more problems and a negative impact on your audience.
Let professional AV engineers do what they do best. This way, you can focus more on other essential aspects of your event.

9. Get post-event analytics

After your event, you must gauge your impact based on numbers.
If your AV setup includes live streaming or hybrid broadcasting, the AV company should provide you with post-event data.
This includes the number of streams, engagements, promo videos, and other materials.

10. Consider getting full AV production

If you want the best impact on your audience, full AV production is the best way to do so.
A full-service event production company handles AV selection, installation, operation, and teardown. It’s a complete package of audio, video, lighting, staging, and more.
This means that you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to the audiovisual element of your event.
The best thing about full AV production is you’ll get a team of seasoned technicians and engineers. You don’t have to maintain your own team, which is a cost-efficient strategy if you’re hosting regular events.
Here are the reasons why many event planners opt for full-service production:
  • Access to a variety of world-class equipment
  • Access to industry experts without hiring full-time
  • AV specialists work on your event, not just generalists
  • Excellent communication
  • Hands-on planning
  • A project manager/coordinator for seamless execution
  • Hassle-free AV equipment logistics
  • Effective risk management
  • If you can imagine it, they can do it.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your event is in good hands

Let Rent For Event make an audiovisual impact on your event!

The best way to maximize your event’s audiovisual impact is to work with a professional event production company. It ensures that everything works smoothly from start to finish.
If you’re looking for a company you can rely on, Rent For Event is here to help. We’ve done 7,000+ events possible through our professional AV rentals and support.
Our full AV production service will be customized based on your goals. We are available nationwide for any event you’re planning to host.
You can also opt for individual rentals if you don’t need full production. We will provide the same VIP service, so you’ll get the best bang for your buck.
Whether it’s a conference, festival, concert, religious gathering, or sporting event, we are ready to take on the challenge.
We will bring your event’s vision to life and impress your guests with the best AV experience. If you want to know more, contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your event.
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