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Everything You Need to Know About Uplighting for Your Wedding

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Whether you’re a wedding coordinator, bride, or groom, planning a wedding can overwhelm you. When organizing a wedding, you probably have dozens to hundreds of details on your checklist. It can be stressful when you don’t know where to start. You may have been choosing from various wedding dresses, cakes, stage designs, lighting, and reception venues.

In this blog post, we will help you cross out one of the essential tasks on your checklist, wedding lighting. Wedding uplighting, to be specific.

Need to know more about wedding uplighting? We prepared everything you need to know about wedding uplights to help make planning easier.

What is Uplighting at a Wedding?

Uplighting is a specific style of lighting up your event space. A light source that points up from the ground to highlight certain pieces.

Wedding reception uplighting is when event lighting is used to highlight various points. These lights are discreetly positioned on the ground to project light upwards and create a pillar lighting effect. It can be done in any color to emphasize a head table, cake table, stage, dance floor, and side walls against the floor.

It sets up the ambiance you want for your occasion and will make guests in awe. Whether during the first couple’s dance, wedding toasts, cake cutting, or throughout the party, it will undoubtedly impact your pictures and video. 

How Much is the Average Cost of Uplighting for a Wedding?

The average cost of uplighting for a wedding depends on the rental company providing the lighting and your venue of choice. It will also vary on the number of uplights you’ll need. You have to consider many factors, such as the size of the venue, wedding uplighting colors, etc.

In renting a wedding uplight, there are two basic options, standard and wireless. Standard uplights require power outlets and have a button to set different colors. On the other hand, wireless uplights have rechargeable batteries and remote control.

At Rent for Event, we offer special packages for those on a budget for short events. The packages include wireless and colored uplighting.

How Many Uplight Bulbs Do I Need?

Wondering how many uplights you should rent? Uplighting quantity may base on your room size, details you want to emphasize, or the number of guests.

The number of uplights will depend on the room size, number of guests, and objects you want to accentuate. The quickest method is to count the areas that need uplighting. The standard number of units necessary for a wedding with up to 100 guests is 14 to 18. 

Once your guests exceed 100, the room size increases, which may need 20 or more par units. If you are planning on a small, intimate wedding with only 50 guests, you may only need at least nine (9) uplighting. 

How Does Uplighting Help?

Uplighting helps highlight the wedding venue, stage, dance floor, and other items you want to accentuate. It is helpful for an evening, indoor, or covered venue. Uplighting for a wedding reception adds elegance, drama, and an intimate mood to your special event.

If you plan on renting colored uplights for events, you’ll have a romantic uplighting wedding. It helps transition the mood from delivering wedding toasts to partying on the dance floor. When used strategically, it helps elevate your wedding decor and chosen location. 

Where Should You Place Uplighting?

Wedding photos are one of the essential things to help you remember your dream wedding. So it’s best to place uplighting on the floor level and point them to the areas you want to highlight in photos and videos.

When is Uplighting not Necessary?

While uplighting a wedding creates wonders for your chosen venue, the proper use of it matters. You may not need it when you have a daytime wedding reception. Using uplighting during the day can be ineffective.

We suggest utilizing natural light at this time. Consider adding drapes if you want to elevate your decor during the day. 

Uplight wedding rentals offer a wide range of color options, allowing you to choose hues that align with your theme, wedding colors, or personal preferences. Soft and warm tones create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, while vibrant and bold colors can infuse energy and excitement into your reception.

What is the Best Uplighting for Weddings?

Popular choices among professionals for wedding uplighting are the following:

1. LED Uplights
Lighting companies like us use LEDs for event uplighting. LED Bulbs do not produce the heat Halogen lamps produce, protecting your guests and liability at an event. For color mixing, say goodbye to the days of color gels! Now every conceivable color in the light spectrum can be achieved with the basic RGB mixing that LED uplights offer.
2. Wireless Uplights 

Nowadays, anything wireless is most recommended for flexibility and portability. As it is battery-powered, they also consume less power. These uplights can run from 5 to 8 hours, depending on how they’re used.

The wireless feature eliminates the possibility of guests tripping over long extension cords. Using wireless lights means no more cables that may ruin your party’s aesthetic. It can be set anywhere in the room without a power cord. 

What are the Suitable Uplighting Colors for Wedding?

At this point, we have established that uplighting can make your wedding reception look better. However, it’s important to note that uplighting color should be considered with other lighting elements. You have to make sure it goes well with different types of lighting you’ll use, such as follow spot, dance floor, table pin spot, and string lights.

The colors you’ll use can make or break the effect of your uplighting. Below are the popular color choices with a detailed guide on when to best use them: 

1. Warm White Uplighting Wedding

Use warm white uplights for muted color themes. If photos of your guests are important to you, then consider this color because it is less likely to affect your images’ skin complexion. 

Warm whites are also perfect for creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. As a neutral color, white is by far the safest uplight color to use. 

2. Blue Uplighting Wedding

Blue uplighting is commonly used in many formal events. We recommend using blue for royal-themed weddings. As a cool-toned color, it adds an elegant and refined atmosphere. 

Tip: Blending blue with cool colors like purple can create a more regal ambiance. 

3. Purple Uplighting Wedding

Purple uplighting is very popular at events like weddings. Most love it because it compliments many colors. Purple has blue with a slight touch of red mixed in. 

Renting purple uplighting is best if this color fits your style. It is the most requested uplight color as it enhances dancing and makes dance floors look more romantic. 

4. Amber Uplighting Wedding

Amber uplighting creates a festive feel and makes your party full of life. Amber can blend well with red, gold, and yellow lights. It is often used to create drama for ivory-themed weddings.  

5. Pink Uplighting Wedding

Pink uplighting has been one of the top choices for weddings. It automatically creates the perfect romantic atmosphere. 

6. Gold Uplighting Wedding

Gold uplighting is best paired with wood and rich colors. It is mostly used for contemporary and neutral-themed weddings.

7. Green Uplighting Wedding

Green uplighting is not popular, but it looks great when blended well with other colors or a suitable theme. It is often used for silk table flowers and off-white colors. 

You can always choose more than one uplighting color. We highly recommend using two to three colors for wedding uplighting. 

7. Red Uplighting Wedding

Red uplighting is rich, deep, and lively, ideal for creating a romantic and passionate atmosphere. It is a color often associated with love and devotion, making it an excellent wedding uplighting option. 

Can I DIY My Uplighting?

If you are thinking of a DIY uplighting on your wedding day, we advise you to speak to a professional. The cost of hiring, having it set up, and packing up will be cheaper than buying them yourself. 

Moreover, professional lighting companies have access to state-of-the-art equipment. They will help you achieve your dream uplighting. It will result better than any DIY alternative. It is also one thing you don’t have to worry about on your big day. Hiring a professional company like ours will take care of everything for you. 

Renting A Professional Wedding Uplighting Company

At Rent for Event, we aim to provide solutions to fit the needs of every client. We offer a variety of uplighting to make your wedding day truly memorable.

We understand that every detail matters when we meet with couples or wedding planners. Our team of professionals takes the time to learn about the couple. We consider their needs to select the best uplighting options for their special day. 

Our innovative uplights provide many options to fit various venue styles, wedding themes, and desired ambiances. Whether walking down the aisle, cutting the wedding cake, or hitting the dance floor, we have your back.

Even before the party begins, our uplighting takes over the reception with your desired dramatic appeal. We are ready to help you plan the best uplighting options for your wedding. 

Take your wedding lighting to the next level with Rent for Event. Call us now to get a quote. 

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