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What to Do on Halloween: AV Productions That Transform Your Celebration

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The spooky season is here! Still, it wouldn’t be complete without the scary-good Halloween activities and celebrations. Halloween is a much-awaited event and for this year, it’s time to level up your game by adding new ideas into the mix.
For this post, we asked our AV team for the ultimate guide on how you can transform your celebration through audio visual rentals. Read on to see how you can scare – and impress – your guests together with videos on how we made it happen for our recent events!
What to Do on Halloween

What to do on Halloween

Whether it’s your first time hosting a Halloween event or looking for new ideas, we’re here to help. Below, we listed some of our tried-and-tested Halloween staples that many of our clients swear by. See which one will bring the chills down your spine!

1. Level up your annual Halloween party

At this time of the year, everyone is busy planning and hosting their own parties. If you’re one of them, then you can make yours stand out with new Halloween party ideas. Here are a few that will surely bring the creeps to your event:
  • Play chilling sound effects. Aside from Halloween décor, make sure you level up the scare with creepy sound effects, screams, and eerie music. You should consider booking audio rentals for a hyper-realistic sound experience.
  • Add spooky lighting. Lighting rentals can set the mood of your Halloween party by creating an eerie ambiance. You can use black lights, strobe lights, blood-red uplighting, and more.
  • Incorporate interactive features. You can keep everyone on their toes by adding interactive features like motion-sensor lighting, VR devices to watch jump-scares, and more. This will surely be a big hit across ages!
  • Play creepy videos. To complete your Halloween ensemble, you can also play creepy videos or clips at your venue. This will help set the vibe and keep your guests entertained at the same time.

Here’s how we made all these happen for Travis Barker’s House of Horrors, featuring Avril Lavigne, Machine Gun Kelly, and more!

2. Try new scary movie marathon ideas

If you’re not into upbeat Halloween events and parties, an outdoor movie night might be what you’re looking for. With our outdoor movie rental, you can have a creepy movie night under the stars with your family and friends.
We will bring a giant inflatable screen into your venue, perfect for up to 500 people or 200 cars if you’re hosting a drive-theater. But for smaller and more intimate Halloween affairs, we also have smaller packages for you to choose from.
Aside from the screen, we will also provide high-power projector rentals to give you and your guests the best viewing experience. We have projectors from 3600 to 31,000 lumen to match the size of your Halloween crowd.
And to complete the ensemble, we will also provide you with concert-quality speakers or FM transmitters. All you have to do is choose a scary movie and click play!

Interested in our outdoor movie rentals? Here’s a quick walk-through from our AV expert:


Do you prefer a daytime showing instead? In that case, we recommend that you get an LED screen rental for a clear and crisp display under the sun.

3. Build haunted house attractions

You can level up the impact of your haunted or horror house with the right equipment selection. Here are a few ideas to help you get the scare on:
  • Consider projection mapping. Do you want a ghost figure to appear on the walls of your haunted house? Or maybe you want a blood-dripping effect? All these can be achieved with expert projection mapping, which our team can also do for you!
  • Play with lighting. Just like your party setup, lighting will play a big role in setting a scary atmosphere in your haunted house. You can add multiple lighting fixtures throughout your venue to highlight the creepiest features and add an eerie ambiance.
  • Go big with your setup. Why settle for common Halloween props if you can set up a massive inflatable monster at your venue? This is exactly what our client for Travis Barker’s House of Horrors did with the help of our truss rental. We built a 26 ft. x 12 ft. truss for them to support their giant inflatable demon onstage.

Here’s a sneak peek of how we can transform your haunted house setup into the spookiest talk of the town:

4. Try new trick-or-treating ideas

Trick or treating is one of the highlights of Halloween and you can make it more memorable for both the kids and adults. Instead of simply handing out candies, you can also consider the following ideas:
  • Glow-in-the-dark treasure hunt. You can hide small glow-in-the-dark toys throughout your yard and whoever gets them will receive the best treats in the bag. This will surely attract hordes of trick-or-treaters to your property.
  • Candy stations. If you’re a certified Halloween fan, then you should go big with an entire candy station. You can come up with different themed stations where kids can collect their choice of treats. For adults, you can also set up a ‘Witch’s Potion’ station where they can mix their own spooky drink.
  • Virtual trick-or-treating. If it’s not possible for you to join the traditional trick-or-treating, you can host a virtual event. Here, you can collect or hand out virtual treats like game tokens, gift cards, etc.

5. Host Halloween crafts for kids

Halloween is also a great season to unleash kids’ creativity. So before trick-or-treating, you can also host a crafts event where kids can showcase their pumpkin carving techniques or skills to make paper jack-o’-lanterns.
Here are other craft ideas you can consider for this event:
  • Toilet paper roll monsters. You can ask the kids to decorate paper rolls with googly eyes, paint, pipe cleaners, and so on. Whoever has the spookiest or craziest design will win a special treat.
  • Pumpkin seed art. Do you have a lot of pumpkin seeds to dispose of? Instead of throwing them into the trash, you can let the kids have fun first by creating pumpkin seed art. Ask the kids to create their unique artwork from seeds, glue, construction paper, and some poster paint.
  • Halloween masks. Another fun idea is to host a Halloween mask contest where kids can craft their own masks with various materials. They can also create a mask based on their favorite Halloween characters like witches, ghosts, monsters, and so on.
  • Monster slime. You can also create monster slime with your kids using clear glue, food coloring, and liquid starch. This is surely a fun activity and you can involve other kids in your area as well.

6. Don’t forget about DIY Halloween costumes

Once your venue is all set, you shouldn’t forget about getting a killer Halloween costume. But instead of settling for a classic vampire or ghost get-up, you can create your DIY costume.
Here are some costume ideas that will surely get second looks during your Halloween celebration:
  • Optical illusion. If you want a guaranteed head-turner, you can create a costume with optical illusion. It can be shifting stripes, a spinning vortex, or any design that you like. It will surely make everyone dizzy on Halloween night!
  • Piñata. Did life give you a beating this year? You can channel that energy into a DIY piñata costume! You can also carry a stick or bat to complete the look. But make sure you add a sign not to hit you!
  • Mermaid/Merman. Since the live-action Little Mermaid movie took the cinema by storm, it would be a great idea to have your own take on the classic mermaid look. You can create a seashell bra, shiny top, or sequined tail. This is a beautiful costume and the kids will surely love it, too.
  • Video game character. If you love playing video games, you can also dress up as one of your favorite characters. It will be more special if you create your own costume with various materials. This is also a good way to channel your creativity into the Halloween season.
  • Barbie or Ken. Not yet over with the Barbie craze? You can dress up as one this Halloween. But here’s the catch: you don’t always have to be the pretty Barbie. Why not consider being the ‘Weird Barbie’ for a change?

Let us make your Halloween spooky!

Do you want to bring all these audiovisual ideas to your Halloween celebration? If yes, then it’s time to call Rent For Event! Our elite AV team will bring scary-good audiovisual solutions to your event, making sure you and your guests will have a memorable celebration.
We will help you choose the right equipment that you need for your event. Also, we will handle the delivery, setup, operation, teardown, and pickup for your convenience. All you have to do is watch as we transform your venue into a spooky space.
Whether it’s a big Halloween party or an intimate movie night, we are the AV experts to call. Contact us today and our team will bring your vision to life! We will also answer all your AV questions to help you plan the best Halloween event ever!

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