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13 Breathtaking halloween party ideas

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There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than partying your fright away. With the spooky holiday just around the corner, many are already planning to throw the best Halloween party ever. And if you’re a newbie looking for scary inspirations, you’re at the right post. Below, we shared 13 of our best Halloween party ideas that will give you and your guests goosebumps.

Kids and adults will surely enjoy these games, food ideas, and décor hacks! 

1. Halloween Bingo

If you’re hosting a kid-friendly party, Halloween Bingo is a great game to try. It’s pretty basic and even adults will surely enjoy it, especially if it comes with a good prize.

You can purchase Halloween bingo cards or print them with your own design. Once a player fills one column or row, he or she will shout “Bingo!” to win the game.

Make sure that you prepare a prize that will keep everyone competitive. It can be cash or a valuable gift – whatever your guests will like. 

2. Murder Mystery

Once the kids are done trick or treating, the adults can enjoy a Murder Mystery adventure. This is a mind-boggling game that will surely appeal to guests who love watching true crime documentaries or solving mysteries.

For this game, you have to create an elaborate storyline. You need an outline of the characters, who the victim is, the motives, and the details of the murder. You can also make props like printed “police reports”, evidence, and a pretend diary of the victim/murderer.

It’s a complicated game, but it will surely make an unforgettable and fun Halloween experience. 

3. Death Charades

With Death Charades, you and your friends can laugh at the idea of death. It’s like a typical charade, but the cards to be acted out contain causes of death.

Each team will act out every card for 45 seconds. The team with the most correct guesses wins. Make sure that you prepare prizes to keep the fun going. 

Just take note that this party game is more suitable for adults. If you want to involve the kids, you can also have a normal round of charades.

4. Mummy Sack Race

Adults and kids can compete in a mummy sack race as if they’re being chased by ghosts. Instead of a sack, their legs will be wrapped in white strips of fabric like a mummy!

The team that finishes the race course the fastest wins. Overall, this is a family-friendly game that you can incorporate into almost all Halloween party themes.

As with any game, you should prepare prizes for the winners. Also, you should do this in a grassy area, so it’s safer in case someone falls over. 

5. Eyeball Hunt

Eyeball Hunt is like Easter Egg Hunt with a twist. Instead of colorful eggs, the participants will look for creepy eyeballs. It’s a great game if everyone is tired of the yearly pumpkin carving.

This game is a big hit among children, especially if they will get delicious candies for every eyeball they find. Adults can also join for an attractive prize.

After the eyeball hunt, you can use the plastic eyeballs for a game of ‘Eyeball Pong’. It’s like beer pong, but with a spooky touch. 

6. Scary Movies

An outdoor movie for Halloween is a great activity for your entire neighborhood. You can also make it an exclusive party where all attendees must wear Halloween costumes.

Aside from creepy decors, you should also get the right equipment for the movie showing. You will need a projector, screen, and sound system. You can also pair it with Halloween lights to set the scary atmosphere.

Does it sound like too much work? You can call us at Rent For Event and our team will deliver a full-service movie night setup. All you and your guests have to do is sit back, watch, and get scared! 

7. Paranormal Portraits

For those who want unique Halloween party decorations, paranormal portraits will surely send the chills. You can dig old, black, and white family pictures for this or simply print stock photos online.

You can brush the photo with black craft paint diluted in water to make it look old. After that, you need to poke holes in the eyes of the people in the picture. This is where you’ll insert tiny red Christmas lights.

This will give the photos a demonic appearance. Cover it with fake cobwebs and play hair-raising sound effects – your guests will be jumping to their feet in no time. 

8. Halloween Slime

Halloween-themed parties are not complete without scary decorations. Aside from jack-o-lanterns, Halloween slime is also an easy choice. It’s a great décor and would be an effective pastime for the kiddos.

To make a spooky slime, simply mix clear glue, baking soda, and a small amount of lens solution. After that, squish the mixture until it’s gooey. Don’t forget to add three googly eyes and a sprinkle of glitter.

For the best effect, you can place them inside mason jars. You can also place a small LED light behind it to make the eyes visible. 

9. Covered Furniture

Draping white sheets all over your furniture will make your place look like a haunted house. You can also place fake cobwebs and plastic spiders. to make the place look abandoned. And to set the creepy mood, you should light multiple candles and play scary sound effects.

Do you want to make the setup eerier? You can place dressed mannequins on the furniture as if they are waiting for your guests to arrive. You can also leave one rocking chair uncovered and moving. 

10. Spooky Clocks

A wall of old-looking clocks will make your party guests feel like time is running out. You can set each clock to alarm at a specific time when something will happen at the party. It’s either a game, a scare, or something connected to the Murder Mystery game we discussed above.

If you have a grandfather’s clock, it would be a perfect centerpiece for your Halloween décor. It will produce a sinister chime every hour, which will put everyone on their toes. 

11. Poison Apple

When it comes to food party ideas, the Halloween season has a lot to offer. You can start with the ‘poison apple’ made of green apple dipped in toffee. To make it look ghostly, you can add black food coloring to the dip.

For adults who want to skip the sugar rush, this would be a great snack. If you want to be a little bit extra, you can also draw skulls on the apple using melted white chocolate. 

12. Witch Punch

You can keep your guests refreshed with a ghostly witch punch. It’s a mixture of lime sherbet and seltzer to produce a frothy drink. Feel free to make your own concoction to create a frightfully refreshing drink!

You can also make a bloody drink using cranberry juice. And to make it creepier, you can put it inside food-grade IV bags or serve it on spooky glassware.

For kids, you can make milk bottle beverages that are easy to carry around the party. 

13. Pumpkin Piñata

A pumpkin piñata will make your Halloween party a smashing success. This will be a fun experience for both kids and adults. You can have the piñata as the last hurrah of your party, so it will end on a positive note.

Make sure that you fill it with Halloween candies, treats, and even money. Don’t hesitate to make more than one piñata for large parties. 

Let’s make your Halloween spooky!

The spooky season is coming and your party should be the talk of the town. Whatever theme you choose, we can make it spookier with eerie lighting, sound system, and displays.

For many years, we are providing spine-chilling setups for Halloween movie nights, parties, and trick or treating. We will help you achieve a scary vibe that your guests won’t forget. 

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