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LiteGear LiteMat 2 Hybrid


Rent LiteGear LiteMat 2 Hybrid in Houston. The LiteMat 2 is based on two tiled light engines measuring 9.5 in. x 19 in. (240 mm x 480 mm). The head unit features 576 genuine VHO Pro LEDs and is covered by a thin, clear polycarbonate layer and bordered entirely with Velcro loop fastener. The “soft-through-pixelization” method allows the LiteMat 2 to achieve surprisingly bright light levels while remaining under 1 in. thick and weighing just 3.5 lb.

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12V DC
7.7 Amps
CCT: 3200-6000K
CRI: 95
TLCI (2012): 92
Lumens: 5496
LED Qty: 576
21″ x 21″ x 0.9″
3.5 lbs