projector and screen rental
in Houston

Preset Packages For Fast Price
Delivery, Operation, Pick Up
Projectors and Screens Rental in Houston
With variety of sizes from small to large

Projector and screen rental for any occasion whether it is outdoor movie night with inflatable screen and popcorn or indoor meeting.

Projectors from 3600 lumen to 31,000 lumen and Projection Screens of all sizes from 77’’ up to 330’’ in diagonal.

It is very easy to rent from us.

All you have to do is call and let us know what you need and if you don’t know what kind of screen or projector you need for your event don’t worry our team will help you find the right set up.

Do you want our team to deliver, set up and operate for you? No problem!

Rent For Event Houston has professional team with over 15 years of experience. We are using the latest technologies starting from sending you a quote to running your event and after you decide to rent from us we will schedule a time when it’s comfortable for everyone to pick up and bring it back.

For example when we are doing your delivery once you tells us time and date and it’s added to the project our technicians that was assigned to your project will automatically receive notification with all the notes about your event and everything will be synced to their calendar so we won’t miss any of your event information and will come on time.

Rent For Event Houston takes all the stress away when it comes to projector and screen rental. 

Choose projection equipment by category

You can choose single item rentals in following categories


High Lumems

Projection screens

Small to Large Sizes

Dear customer!

Check our Projector and Screen Rental Special!

Our most popular projector and screen rental package for STARTING AT $499

TV rentals for trade shows, conferences, & events

Save your valuable time with Rent For Event Houston by not looking for other Projector and Screen Rentals online. Here is WHY!

♦ We have the best price on the market based upon what we offer. Period!

♦ Our most popular projector and screen rental package for STARTING AT $499.

♦ Different screen options. Tripod Screen, TVs, Front and Rear Projection Surface. Comes in different sizes.

♦ Wireless microphones

Delivery and Setup

♦ Quality Service

♦ Professional team of technicians

♦ 24-hour call assistance

For your convenience, we’ve created some pre-set projector and screen rental packages that can be perfect for certain events. We have different screen sizes and projectors. You can see them below or call us now at 818-676-9192 and we will help you to choose the right set up for your event.

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