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The 5 A/V Must Haves For Event Planners

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Event planning is challenging enough as it is with all of the logistics and details, A/V just feels like another complex layer on top of the foreboding chaos that is to ensue. That is unless you happen to stumble upon this list of the top 5 A/V must-haves for event planners that can save you time and money when planning your parties or events.

To Do List

1. Good WiFi With Bandwidth

WiFi is often seen as a necessity in the modern world, make sure you have enough for all the guests you anticipate having at your party or event. 

Be sure to test the WiFi connection inside and outside your chosen venue before the event begins to ensure everyone will have a good experience, regardless of the connected devices they may bring. Happy WiFi, happy life I believe the saying goes. You can learn more about how to properly set up WiFi for your event here.

2. Mixer or Sound Board

A great audio setup is crucial, especially if you will have speakers and video or audio content to show at your party or event. It’s important that the A/V company you work with knows how many microphones and speakers you plan on setting up to ensure they have enough audio inputs and outputs to support them. 

A mixer or soundboard is what allows them to control all the audio sources in one place, so it’s a must-have for any event. Make sure you have the proper amount of inputs, outputs, a proper mixer or soundboard and the right amount of speakers and mics to get the job done right.

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3. Projectors With Properly Setup Aspect Ratios

Visual content is commonplace at events but many planners struggle with choosing and properly setting up projectors. When choosing a projector consider whether you are showing a powerpoint, video or streaming an interview. 

A brighter projector is ideal for presentations, this is even more important if the venue has windows with sunlight coming, in which case a rear screen projector may make even more sense. The more lighting in the room, the brighter the projector you use should be.

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4. Microphones and Frequency Band

When choosing microphones for your setup be sure to consider what the microphones will be used for and whether or not they will stay in one place. Wireless microphones work great if the speaker needs to be hands-free or if you are doing an audience Q&A where they need to be passed around. 

Be sure to consider your unique needs when choosing the number of speakers, microphones and which frequency band makes the most sense for your event. Lastly, make sure your frequency band doesn’t interfere with your microphones and you should be good to go.

5. On-Site A/V Staff and Equipment Backups

There is nothing worse than a piece of equipment malfunctioning only for you to realize you don’t know how to fix it and don’t have any backups for it. To avoid this nightmare, always make sure you have a professional A/V staff and back up equipment on-site during the event. 

That means backing up any and all crucial pieces of equipment in case they malfunction or get damaged during the event, think of it as insurance. It may be tempting to try to cut corners on the budget but avoiding these things but doing so may actually cost you much more than you bargained for.

By making sure you cross off these 5 must-haves from your checklist, you are creating insurance for your event and your sanity that will prevent issues from taking over. Make sure you pick a great A/V company to work with, be clear on your goals and don’t cut corners. From there, only the sky is the limit.

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