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The Top 7 Reasons You Should Rent a Photo Booth

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Have you ever been to an event with a photo booth and gave it a try? How did it make you feel to go in with your friends and capture memories together? Odds are it felt amazing because photo booths allow attendants of your party to capture memories with people they love or even just met on their own schedule without any outside pressure. 

Photo booths were first premiered at the World Fair in France in 1889 and have taken the world by storm since then. In today’s post, we are going to share the top 7 reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your party.

Photo Booth

1. They Are Low Maintenance and Don’t Require Management

Often when you rent a/v equipment, it requires complex setup and maintenance but with a photo booth it can be much simpler to set up. As a party planner, you already have 101 other things to worry about from making sure the theme is proper, food is set up right, audio and visual equipment is properly set up and more. Fortunately, with Photo booths, there isn’t much maintenance required to ensure that your party attendants can use and operate them throughout the event. 

You can usually rent them for 3 to 5 hours at a time and even split that time up into increments so if you want to make the booth only available for the first 2 hours and last 3 hours of your party you can do so which makes them super flexible in terms of rental options and how you make them available without you working like crazy to make it all happen, saving you time to focus on other things that need your attention.

2. You Can Use Them At Any Type of Party or Event

Photo booths are not only super easy to maintain throughout a party, they can also be used at any type of party whether you are throwing a birthday party, a wedding, or even a corporate party, the fun of photo booths are that they are universal. 

The best part is you can even customize your photo booth props and photo customization themes to reflect the theme of whatever type of party your throwing to make the experience and photos that much more memorable for your guests.

photobooth rental

3. It’s a No Pressure Way For Guests To Have a Great Time With Old and New Friends

Photo booths often don’t need to be managed at your party and allow for party guests to use them and go as they please. 

This creates a powerful effect at your party where guests can bring the friends they came with to capture memories and add some flair with different props and theme customizations then come back later with new friends they made at the party and do it all over again without any pressure to do so. 

It is a magnet of fun which allows your guests to release pressure and stress versus making them feel like they have to participate or use it in a certain way. It’s truly a fun yet simple to use free for all party favor and ice breaker.

4. They Create Long Lasting Memories For Your Guests

Another powerful reason photo booths rock is because your guests can create memories that last for years with your photobooth. Just as people often associate certain music or songs with meaningful events or situations in their lives, photos have the powerful effect of being able to bring people back in time to a specific memory and the feelings that came with it. Maybe that memory was the birthday of their child or even a going away party where the youth of their child or the memories of their friend who moved can only be experienced again through photography. Photo booths let your party guests capture moments they can digitally and sometimes physically keep with them and reflect on for years to come.

5. You Can Bundle Them With Other Key Party Favors Like a DJ

Another awesome aspect of photo booths is that they are often included in party planning packages which can make your job as a party planner much easier and smoother. Instead of having to source your photography, photo booth, DJ and other aspects from dozens of different vendors you can rent most of or even sometimes everything you really need to make the party amazing from one company that will help you set up and coordinate all those aspects of the event saving you time, money and stress. 

As you can imagine, that’s a much more manageable situation for any party planner. Renting a photo booth, especially in a city like LA, can be super simple and affordable by bundling.

6. You Can Choose From Many Different Types To Find The Perfect Fit

Thought there was only one type of photo booth? Turns out there are over 8 different options you can choose from such as open-air photo booths, old school photo booths (the ones we all know and love), slow-motion video photo booths, GIF photo booths, and many more you can choose from that fits the theme and audience that will be at your party. This gives you a lot of flexibility and versatility not too commonly found in party props.

7. They Are Affordable

Party planning is already stressful enough due to all the details, timing, organization and what sometimes feels like herding cats. Adding on the stress of stretching your budget is the last thing you need. Fortunately, photo booths are quite affordable, especially considering the amount of value they bring to your overall party. 

Photo booths were once only available to the rich and famous but have now become much more accessible. So you can rent a photo booth in LA just as awesome as the one celebrities are using at the Oscars after party. You can rent a quality photo booth for as little as $300 to $500 at a time so it definitely won’t break the bank.

We hope that you now have a better understanding as to why you should really consider renting a photo booth for your next party. They are low pressure, low maintenance, affordable and customizable party props that can be bundled and used at any type of party. Learn more about our photo booth packages here.

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