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The 3 Things You Need To Know About Renting Pipes and Drapes For Your Event

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When you need walls or decorative backdrops for your event, one of the best solutions is to rent pipes and drapes. Whether it be for your trade show booth, wedding, party or corporate event, pipes and drapes open up a lot of options for party and event planners. Today we will be sharing with you everything you need to know before renting pipes and drapes. As an A/V rental company in US, we’ve seen it all and want to save you the time of trying to figure this all out yourself.

1. How much space do you need?

The first element you should consider is how much space do you need to cover up with the pipes and drapes. How tall are the ceilings? How wide will the covered area be? Do you need draped walls all around the area with many openings or not so many? These are all crucial measurements you will need to determine the square footage of drapes needed and how long your pipes need to be for the infrastructure. Be sure to measure your space, determine how much of it will be draped and what the approximate amount of pipes and drapes needed will be. Knowing this before you even rent pipes and drapes will save you and the company you rent from a lot of time, money and energy. Note these details with your team to be prepared.

2. What type of event are the pipes and drapes for?

The design, style, and type of fabric you use should be based on what type of event or party you are putting together. Do you need pipes and drapes for a corporate trade show or a romantic wedding? Design can play a big role so it’s good to go into planning with an idea of the type of aesthetic and theme you want the pipes and drapes to convey to your guests. Typical trade show booth drapes are made out of “banjo” fabric, a thick, shiny and semi-transparent cloth that is the most economical and commonly used cloth for trade show drapes. However, if you need the drapes for a special wedding or music performance, then a nicer fabric like 15oz Encore may do the trick. The key is to go the company you are renting equipment from with a vision and idea of how you want the event to feel, look and the impression you want to leave. From there the best pipes and drapes can be selected to match your unique needs.

3. How will you do setup and teardown?

Setting up and tearing downpipes and drapes isn’t always easy. As an audio/visual equipment rental company that operates throughout US and Southern California, we’ve seen how important it is to plan the setup and teardown of your pipes and drapes due to the fact that they can be a nuisance to put together if the team setting them up is not trained and if they are set up incorrectly, there can be safety issues that can ruin your party or event. Plan for when you will set up and when you will tear down as well as how long it will take and who will be taking care of that for you. At trade shows it’s not uncommon for a team at the exposition center you are at to take down the pipes and drapes for you but that’s if they rented them to you, otherwise, you may have to do the teardown on your own or hire a team to get it done right. Be sure to plan for this in advanced both in terms of time and money needed to ensure this goes smoothly.

If you go into your next event or party with these 3 things in mind, then you will be set up for a more successful and smooth experience. Pipes and drapes are some of the most commonly used yet little understood parts of setting up a wonderful party or event. Our goal in sharing this post is to help give you a better idea of things you need to know that will save you time and potential problems when it comes time to set up your events or parties. Until next time, thanks for reading our post. You can check out more useful blog posts on event and party planning here.

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