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Party Equipment Rental 101: The Ultimate Guide to Party Equipment Rental Essentials

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Planning a party can be stressful enough without having to worry about procuring all the necessary supplies and equipment. Renting party equipment can take a huge load off your plate and ensure your event goes off without a hitch.
Today’s companies offer everything you need to throw a memorable bash, from audiovisual setups and dance floors to tents and party furniture rentals.

Understanding Event Equipment Rental

Party Equipment Rental 101: The Ultimate Guide to Party Equipment Rental Essentials
Party equipment rental involves leasing special event supplies from a rental company rather than buying them yourself. The scope of rentable party equipment is vast, encompassing items such as:
●     Audio equipment – microphones, speakers, mixing boards
●     Visual equipment – TVs, projectors, LED walls
●     Lighting – string lights, dance floor lighting, spotlighting
●     Party furniture rentals – tables, chairs, lounge furniture
●     Tents, canopies & structures
●     Staging & dance floors
●     Decor – drapes, uplighting
●     Games & entertainment – photo booths, karaoke machines
●     Kitchenware – chafing dishes, popcorn makers
●     And much more!

Why many people choose party supplies rental instead of buying

●     Cost-effectiveness – Buying all these items outright can be prohibitively expensive. Renting allows you to affordably access what you need without the long-term storage burden.
●     Convenience – Reputable rental companies handle the delivery, setup, and breakdown so you can focus on party planning.
●     Flexibility – You can customize your rental order to perfectly suit your unique event needs.
●     Quality – Rental inventory is well-maintained and expertly operated by experienced staff.
●     Latest gear – You can take advantage of new, updated models and tech.
With professional party equipment rental, you can elevate your event with ease. This is exactly what our AV rentals did for the Ukraine Independence Day Celebration in Beverly Hills, California. Here’s a quick look:

Essential Birthday Party Equipment Rental Checklist

Planning a party requires careful consideration of which elements to rent for your occasion. Use this comprehensive party equipment rental checklist to determine your must-haves:

Audio Equipment Rental for Party

●     Microphones – Handheld, lapel, and headset mics for speeches and announcements.
●     Speakers – PA systems and monitors to amplify sound adequately for your attendee count.
●     Mixing board – For controlling various mics, music playback, and other audio sources.
●     Wireless mics – Allow freedom of movement for presentations, performances, or emcees.
●     Audio cables – Ensure you have sufficient cable for hookups and safety.
●     DI boxes – For plugging instruments like guitars into the PA system.
●     Subwoofers – Add powerful bass to the music mix.

Visual Rentals

●     Projectors & Screens – Show videos, slideshows, or live camera feeds. For outdoor events, inflatable screens are vibrant even in daylight.
●     TV monitors – Display images or videos in multiple areas around the party space.
●     Lighting truss – Rig sturdy trussing for hanging lighting fixtures and other equipment.
●     Video switcher – Seamlessly transition between video sources and recordings.

Lighting Equipment Rental for Events

●     String lights – Set a romantic mood outdoors. Choose from Edison bulbs, lantern shapes, or LED.
●     Uplighting – Illuminate walls, centerpieces, and foliage with vibrant colored lights.
●     Dance floor lighting – Flash and move lights to the beat with LED par cans or disco balls.
●     Pinspot lighting – Highlight focal points like cakes, gifts tables, or head tables.
●     Gobo/monogram projection – Shine a custom image or initials on floors or walls.

Staging and Dance Floor Rental

●     Stage platforms – Create an elevated performance space sized appropriately for your needs.
●     Dance floor – Portable flooring ideal for dancing at both indoor and outdoor events. Consider glow-in-the-dark floors for added wow factor.

Party Table and Chair Rental

●     Banquet tables – For guest seating, buffets, bars, etc. Round tables promote conversation.
●     Banquet chairs – Complement tables. Chiavari chairs add elegance.
●     Cocktail tables – High-top tables for mingling guests to set drinks.
●     Lounge seating – Comfy couches, loveseats, armchairs for relaxation.

Party Tent Rental

●     Party tents – Protect guests from sun or rain. Choose from frame or pole tents in sizes suited to your footprint.
●     Canopies – More open covered areas for food stations, bars, or reception lines.
●     Marquees – Dramatic peaked tents to mark entrances or important areas.

Decor Rentals

●     Backdrops – Suspended curtains behind head tables or photo booth areas.
●     Table linens – Tablecloths, runners, and overlays in your choice of colors.
●     Chair covers – Fitted covers to match your linens.
●     Centerpieces – Vase and candle setups are classic options.

Games and Activities

●     Photo booth – Provide fun props and prints of photos as souvenirs. Choose open-air or enclosed booths.
●     Karaoke machine – With monitors to display lyrics. Have plenty of microphones for duets.
●     Inflatables – Bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses to entertain kids (or adults!).

Catering Equipment Hire

●     Large capacity coffee maker – Keep guests caffeinated.
●     Chafing dishes – Maintain safe food temperatures in pans or servers.
●     Popcorn maker – Fresh popcorn adds a festive touch.
●     Margarita machine – Blend flavored slushy cocktails.

The Benefits of Outdoor Party Equipment Rental vs. Buying

Renting party equipment comes with many advantages compared to buying.

1. Cost Savings

Purchasing all the items required for even a small event can run into the tens of thousands. Renting allows you to access premium equipment at a fraction of the cost. Once the party is over, simply return the rentals rather than finding storage for unneeded items.

2. Convenience

Professional rental companies handle the logistics of delivering equipment to your venue, setting it up, and tearing it down afterward. This alleviates a huge headache so you can relax and enjoy the party!

3. Flexibility on Party Rentals List

Having a list of things you want in your party helps you as it does rental companies. You can completely customize your rental order to your specific needs, whether hosting an elegant wedding or a casual backyard barbecue. There’s no need to pay for excess items you won’t use.

4. Quality Wedding Equipment Rental

Now, you want your wedding to be beautiful, memorable, and as effortless as possible, right? Reputable rental houses invest in top-quality gear that holds up through repeated use. You benefit through reliably performing equipment and technical support from experienced staff.

Latest Technology for Corporate Event Equipment Rentals

Buying equipment means you’re stuck with it for years to come. That’s not a very budget-friendly proposition if you run a company. Renting allows you to leverage the newest models and innovations instead of relying on outdated tech.
For cost-effective access to the very best in party supplies, equipment rentals beat purchases every time.

How to Choose the Right Party Equipment Rental Company

Selecting the right rental partner is key to event success. Consider these factors when researching providers:
●     Reputation – The best indication of quality comes from previous customers. Search online reviews and ask for references to gauge a company’s service track record.
●     Inventory – Look for an extensive catalog spanning all the party essentials outlined earlier. Top-notch gear properly maintained is critical.
●     Customer Service – From planning assistance to on-site staff, you want a team focused on flawless execution. Experienced reps can recommend the perfect rentals for your needs.
●     Delivery – Choose a rental company that delivers directly to your venue and will set up and remove equipment. This convenience is worth paying for!
●     Experience – The most well-established rental houses have deep expertise from servicing thousands of events. Their broad knowledge means they can expertly meet your unique needs.

Planning for Success – Booking, Setup, and Management

Party Equipment Rental 101: The Ultimate Guide to Party Equipment Rental Essentials
Once you’ve selected your perfect party equipment rentals, follow these tips for seamless execution:

Booking Tips

●     Book early – Reserve rentals 1-2 months in advance to get your preferred items. Holidays and summers book up quickly.
●     Provide details – Inform reps about your venue, attendee count, and program timing so they can recommend appropriate rentals.
●     Request quotes – Get quotes from multiple companies to compare pricing and service options.
●     Confirm order – Review equipment list, delivery times, on-site contacts, and return procedures.
●     Schedule delivery – Have rentals dropped off 1-2 days prior to allow time for setup and testing.

Setup Best Practices

●     Mark equipment locations – Use tape or signs to identify where each rental should be placed.
●     Keep safety in mind – Ensure proper walkways and exit routes around equipment setups.
●     Test ahead of time – Conduct audio, visual, and lighting tests shortly before guest arrival.

Onsite support

●     Designate an event coordinator to liaise with rental company staff. Having one main contact eliminates confusion.
●     Oversee setup/takedown – Your rep should ensure proper setup and operation of equipment.
●     Resolve issues – Notify your rental contact immediately about any problems so prompt repairs or replacements can be made.
Well-planned kids party equipment rental — or any event for that matter — coupled with smooth onsite execution result in memorable, stress-free events your guests will rave about. Leverage your rental company’s expertise so you can enjoy your role as the perfect party host.

Why Choose RentforEvent?

With years of experience and branches across the country, RentforEvent offers an unparalleled selection, service, expertise, and peace of mind. Here are the top reasons to rely on Rent For Event for your next party rentals:
●     Massive State-of-the-Art Inventory: No matter how unique your needs, they have the gear in stock to fulfill your vision. Our warehouse contains thousands of top-quality items, from standard tables and chairs to flashy dance floor lighting and professional sound systems. All rentals are meticulously maintained and updated annually.
●     Customized Consultation: Our sales team acts as true consultants, taking the time to understand your specific celebration. Our expertise ensures you get exactly what you need for the experience you want to create.
●     Turnkey Service: We handle the entire rental process so you can relax and enjoy your event. Our skilled onsite techs ensure flawless execution from start to finish.
●     All-Inclusive One-Stop Shop: With extensive inventory spanning audio, visual, lighting, furniture, décor, tents, generators, power distribution, and more, we are your go-to provider for AV party rentals.
●     Rave Reviews: With a 5-star reputation across review sites, you can trust us to deliver amazing service and high-performing equipment.
Want to see our work in action? Watch this video for a sneak peek of how we can make your upcoming party memorable:

Let's level up your next party!

Hosting a successful party means bringing together great company, delicious food, and a memorable ambiance. While you handle the invites and catering, trust a professional party equipment rental company to supply the rest.
With quality rentals delivered and set up for you, transforming any venue into a celebratory wonderland is easy. Putting safety first and confirming all details in advance ensures your event goes off without a hitch. Rentals provide the flexibility to realize your unique party vision.
If you’re ready to throw a memorable and impressive party, call us today at Rent For Event!

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