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The 3 Steps You Need To Throw an Epic Birthday Party

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Many people stop celebrating their birthday as they meander into adulthood but what if there was a better way? A way in which you could still be an adult but celebrate your very vitality and existence for one day of epicness that you and your loved ones can cherish forever? If you plan on throwing a birthday party for yourself, a loved one or even a client then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve worked with a lot of people throughout US and Southern California as a hands-on audio/visual equipment rental company to help them throw unforgettable birthday parties. Today, we are going to share the 3 things you need to throw an epic birthday party.

1. Choose a Theme

As kids, having a birthday party alone was considered a special occasion that didn’t require you to have a theme, the simple wonder of being a kid makes everything amazing. However, as adults, we become more jaded and need more novelty to really let loose and that’s why choosing a party theme is so important. Maybe you or the special birthday person you’re helping is turning 25, 50 or even 80. You want to make sure that they can live out their party fantasy for one day, maybe that’s a Hollywood themed party as we sometimes see here in US or maybe it’s a special Sweet 60th like the one Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad celebrated recently. Regardless of the theme you choose, understand it will affect all other aspects of the party such as the venue of choice, which decorations to use, food choices, what music to play and the overall feel of the celebration. If you really want to make someone feel special for their birthday, you may want to consider our Red Carpet Packages that can instantly turn any party from bland to epic. The key is to decide the theme early one and make sure it fits your budget, timeline and the expectations of whoever is celebrating their birthday. It’s ideal to start planning a big birthday party 6 months in advance, give yourself time to effectively plan and promote the party.

Bryan Cranston Sweet 60

2. Book a Venue

Choosing a venue can sometimes be the toughest part of organizing a party. We recommend choosing a venue in your local area and considering a few key factors before you begin to finalize on one location; what is the venue’s occupant capacity, minimums for food & beverage and what services do they offer. For example, if you plan on having 100 people come than you need to make sure the venue capacity is at least 100 people. Reductions in fees based on what food and beverage you buy from them can be negotiated. Do they offer catering and can maybe even provide the service and food? If so you can probably negotiate to make it all into a package for less than you would by doing everything separately. The key is to make sure the venue will be a great fit for the party, the attendees and can ideally provide all the amenities and services you need to ensure the party is a great success. Also, be sure to make sure they are cool with whatever decorations, entertainment, and activities you plan on doing at the party first before you book them. You may want to consider hiring a DJ, renting a photo booth, or even setting up karaoke as party activities. Make sure you communicate these with the venue first and if you are looking for any packages like that, be sure to check out our party packages page. Once the venue and all major party related services are booked you are officially ready to start inviting people and promoting the party publicly,

3. Send Invitations and Confirm Party Setup

Now the time has come to design and send out initial invitations to everyone. Ideally, you should start sending invites at least 3 months before the party, especially for people who are super busy or will have to travel long distances to come. After you send out the first round of invitations it’s important you check in with the venue, vendors and anyone else involved with the party to test, rehearse and confirm everything before the actual party. Make sure everyone is in clear communication, on the same page and has been properly paid to get the job done on the day of the party. Start promoting the party, send out another set of invitations at least 2 weeks before the party and then check in with everyone one last time before it’s officially time to party.

Leo Holding Cup

If you follow these 3 steps you will be well positioned to throw a truly epic and unforgettable birthday party. You are never too old to celebrate life or too young to appreciate it. So whether you are throwing this party for yourself, a friend, a family member or even a client as an event or party planner, make sure you make it amazing and memorable. If you need more ideas on how to plan a special birthday party, be sure to check out our other blog posts on how to plan birthday parties such as How To Throw a Kick Ass Quinceanera and How To Plan a Sweet 16. Good luck with your party and have fun!

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