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How To Throw a Kick Ass Quinceanera

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There are so many details that go into organizing a great quinceanera that many party planners often don’t know where to start. In this blog post, we are going to share what you need to throw a kick add quinceanera. As an AV rental company based in US, we’ve worked with many families and party planners to throw epic quinceaneras and are excited to share what we’ve learned with you.


1. In order to ensure everything is put together effectively

It’s ideal to start planning the quinceanera at least 12 months before you plan on having it. This leaves ample room to determine your budget, book services, and get everything else you need to make it a great celebration. Make sure you pick a specific date that will give you ample time to prepare. It’s best to find an AV team and book the venue first to ensure you have the core things you need such as a space for the party and equipment for the audio and video setup. Ideal venues for a Quinceneara include but are not limited to; a reception hall, at church, at the Quinceanera’s home or a creative alternative such as an amusement park or a videogame arcade. Once the venue is selected, you can start to plan more of the party’s theme and book catering, entertainment, photography/video, and transportation for the event if needed. It will likely take about 3 months to put this all together leaving you with another 9 months before the real party begins. From there you will want to begin shopping for a quinceanera dress, determine your court of honor which can be composed of singles or couples but often having just one male honor escort is enough. Good options for the escort include the Quinceanera’s boyfriend or a close male friend who can act as her gentlemen for the day. Considering they will dance, you may want to consider hiring a choreographer if needed. Book rental services for fixtures such as chairs, tents, and tables and make sure you decided when the event will start and end with a consideration of the schedules of the venue, parents and the Quinceneara.

2. At this point, you will be ready to start designing and ordering invitations to send, purchase decorations, party favors.

Help with hotel room reservations for your long distance guests and if needed get the Quinceanera dress altered to be a better fit. Now if you really want to make it fancy, this would be a good time to book a limousine as well and consider having everyone dress fancy to make it feel like an extra special occasion. You only turn 15 once!!! The time is getting closer, you should ideally aim to complete these tasks 6 months before the Quinceneara, you are halfway there! Now as the Quinceneara gets closer to 90 days away in the final stretch, make sure that you send all of your invitations with reply cards, touch base with all vendors to confirm everything, and if you have not ordered the Quinceneara dress by now you will definitely want to do so. From here, you may want to consider preparing a speech thanking everyone, you also want to make sure that the Quinceneara is clear of how, when and where ceremonies such as changing of the shoes, the tiara crowning, and La ultima muñeca. Once the event is one week away, you must contact guests who haven’t responded yet, prepare your seating chart, ensure your musicians and photographers are prepared and you have a clear list of items that will be taken to the church such as candles, rosaries, bibles, etc. On the actual day of the event, the Quinceneara should have her nails and hair done, the reception and seating areas should be decorated and arranged and key items should be backed up just in case. Now the day has finally come to celebrate the Quinceanera’s birthday, where everything you’ve worked so hard on in the past 12 months comes together. This is the part where everyone has a fun time and goes home remembering such a special occasion. You may want to consider sending thank you cards to all guests who attend to make them feel special and show your appreciation.

At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a special and memorable day for the Quinceneara that her friends and family will never forget.

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