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Outdoor Event Lighting Rental – How To Decorate An Event Space

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What is Outdoor event Lighting Rental

outdoor event lighting rental

Outdoor event lighting is one of the most known places to have lighting. This lighting shouldn’t be hard to do, and you shouldn’t have to struggle to learn how specific lights work. When you work with a company that provides this lighting, they can not just handle the lights throughout the event, but they can do setup and takedown, as well, if needed. This way, you can focus on your event and not the lighting. An event lighting rental might be what you need.

Creating the right feel for everyone at the event starts with the lighting. This is what is going to create the atmosphere and set the mood. The type of lighting should showcase your event. For those who want to know ways to create the best ambiance for your event, then here are some of the best ideas that others have had to use an outdoor event lighting rental. 

Stage Lighting

stage lighting rental

Stage lighting is often overlooked because it is for an outdoor event. You might not consider the stage right away. However, if the event is going to go into the night hours, and you are going to be playing music, and have an entire stage set up for this, then you need to make sure you have the right lighting for it, as well. 

Stage lighting can be done in almost any fashion, and with however many lights are needed. You can place lights on the flooring of the stage itself around the outside, or even on the ceiling above your head. You get the most out of the stage lighting when you have a professional company come out and set up the lighting equipment for you. Make your stage shine

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting for those sitting at tables for your event is recommended. This type of lighting can provide the perfect ambiance while offering a way to still see what you’re doing if the sun sets and your party is still continuing. String lights are perfect for this type of lighting, as they can be hung just about anywhere that you can think of. They can be wrapped around the table areas and created to look like chandelier balls.

Overhead lighting is a must for many outdoor events. Make sure you’re choosing to use the right lighting rental company to provide this, as they can also provide more light options on how to create overhead lighting that works with your specific event. 


spotlight rental in la

Spotlighting is perfect for those who are looking to illuminate one spot. If you want to showcase a specific area in the space, then this would be the perfect rental for that use. They come in different sizes and colors, so you can choose which would work the best for your needs and event. 

These spotlights are perfect for showing off those specific parts of the event that you want to have highlighted or have the crowd pay attention to during the event. They can even be controlled through the rental company during the event, giving you less to worry about.

Greenery Lighting

Adding lighting to the greenery around the event is recommended to make it stand out more. This is thought of as ideal wedding lighting that can be used to create the right glow for a wedding. This is usually done with some sort of LED light set that can be added to the shrubs without the bulbs becoming hot when you do so.

This is a beautiful way to create a light glowing ambiance for a specific event. They are a perfect addition to any event’s lighting setup but shouldn’t be the only lighting that is used for the event.

Projector Lighting

projector lighting rental

A GOBO projector is the best projector to place symbols and logos on. You can create any sort of statement that you’d like using this type of lighting. They can add pictures or words to your lighting rental to create the right feel for the event. These are single projectors that can be displayed on any empty large surface of your choice. The logo, picture, or saying can also move and change, or stay in one place like a spotlight.  

Black Lights

Black lights are the perfect addition to any party or event that you’re having during the nighttime hours when it becomes dark. These are the perfect party lights to use. They light up the different bright colors that the light comes into contact with. These shine brightly on the colored fabrics, making people glow. 

Depending on the type of event you’re throwing, black lighting may or may not be ideal for you to use. This is something you can speak with a lighting specialist about. They can provide more information on the available black lighting and what it is best used for.  

In Conclusion

Those looking for a wedding or event lighting Nationwide, and in another our locations. You are in luck when they use a company that works for you. When you’re looking for your outdoor event lighting, make sure to grab the perfect company to work with. 

The outdoor event lighting rental is waiting for you, speak with the professionals at Rent for Event today. They’d be more than happy to provide you with information on the available lighting options based on the specific outdoor event you’re going to be throwing.  

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