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Lighting Rental – The Ultimate Guide

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Those searching for the perfect lighting for their event might have to consider a lighting equipment rental company to work with. The right lighting is going to make any event, whether it is a wedding, party, or anything else, the best that it can be. You’re easily able to get the lighting that showcases the event and allows everyone to see.

Learn more about this type of lighting rental and find out if they’re something you want to use for the needs you have. We’ve compiled all of the information on lighting rentals that you may need to make the most informed decision.

Types of Event Lighting

There are so many types of event lighting that you want to ensure you are obtaining the right event lighting rental for it. Whether you’re looking for party light rentals, a wedding lighting rental, or a stage lighting rental, choose which type of lighting works the best for your needs.

1. Architectural Lighting

Lighting up the structures and buildings during the event is important. With architectural lighting, this focuses on the aesthetic appeal of the buildings, but also how the light illuminates the space. This is lighting that is often used both inside and outside of a venue.

2. Balloon Lighting

Balloon lighting is taking over when it comes to putting up lighting that is different. These balloons can hang from the ceilings or they can stand straight up depending on the lighting fixture. These are different from other types of lighting but beautiful for many events.

3. Centerpiece Lighting

When there are many tables, especially when putting up wedding lighting, you want to light up the centers of them. This can be done with the right table centerpiece lighting. Small candles, or even LED bulbs can twinkle on each setting.

4. GOBOs

We once mentioned this type of lighting in 5 AV Terms Every Event Planner Should Know. These are unique lights that you can place brands or other pictures in them. These can then be splashed on the walls and create awesome photo backdrops for the event. They’re also great for spreading the word of what is happening, such as Mr. and Mrs. for the wedding.

5. Ellipsoidal Lighting

These are streams of lights that are usually used during concerts or other events that need to spotlight things. These party lights are perfect for setting the mood, spotlighting a speaker, singer, or anything else.

6. Uplighting

This is beneficial for those tables that are at the event. This lighting can be placed on all of the tables, or you can have it placed on the tables that you want to highlight and have stand out more than the others. To rent uplighting fixtures, the costs run from $25 to $500 per day depending on the type of lighting you’d like to have placed inside.

7. Lasers

Laser lighting is great when you want to create a fun event with colorful lighting. These lights are often used in laser light shows, so they can put on quite a show by themselves. Use these lights with a mirrored disco ball and the light beams will bounce off of that and around the room for added effect.

8. LED Lighting

These are light bulbs that use less energy and they provide the best way to light up any venue or event space. You can have them in different colors or in white. They can move, strobe, stay constant, and more. They come in different discs that can be placed together to create the right lighting effects.

9. Stage Lighting

If you have a stage that needs to be lit up for the event then consider stage lighting. These moving heads will be able to showcase anything that is put up on the stage. You can also get them for less than $200 a day when renting.

10. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting needs to be able to withstand the outside elements that they come into contact with. This type of lighting is important when you have an event that is not going to be covered, especially. You want lighting that is not just weatherproof but bright enough for the specific areas it is being placed and more.

Indoor or Outdoor Event?

Consider whether you’re going to have an indoor or outdoor event before choosing the right light options that work with what you’re throwing on. There are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing lighting based on where your event is being held.
If your event is outdoors, then consider the weather. The lighting that is used should be able to keep up with the outdoor elements that it comes into contact with. If you need to cover some of the lighting, then coming up with tents or other shelter is recommended.
Where are you going to plug the lights in? Is there an outlet that is close enough to the venue that you can use for the lights? Does the venue have outdoor outlets or can you use the ones indoors or will you need a generator. This is all important to consider because the lights will have to be powered somehow.
Will you need to bring or use anything to hang the lights. Does the rental company provide the ladders and the designing and installation of the lighting? If not, you will have to find out if the venue provides this or if you have to bring something. It is important to know how the lighting is going to be hung and designed within the space.

In Conclusion

When you’re ready to grab your outdoor event lighting rental, or an indoor lighting rental then speak with the team that can provide the best services. Rent for Event LA’s team is able to provide the lighting equipment rental service in US that ensures your event is the best in the city. Speak with us today to start your rental and make sure your event is ready to go on the date you have planned. We’d love to provide the lighting help you’re searching for.

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