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Led Video Wall For Events – 10 Tips To Do Your Event Best

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You have no doubt put a lot of time and effort into planning your event. You want it to be it’s very best – an event that all attendees will remember for years to come. While many essential aspects can contribute to a memorable event, audience engagement is one of the most important. You need to create an experience that draws them in, holds their attention, and keeps them excited from start to finish. The best way to do all of this and more is to rent an LED video wall.

LED video walls are one of the hottest new trends in event planning and for a good reason. They are versatile, mobile, cost-effective, and add a level of luxury and sophistication that you can’t get from any other A/V setup. When it comes to planning an exciting and memorable event, whether it be a wedding, a movie night in the park, a concert, a new product launch, or a church event, renting an LED video wall will help make your event the talk of the town for days to come.

10 Tips to do Your Event Best

If you are considering renting an LED video wall for your next event, here are the most valuable tips that you need to keep in mind to plan the best event possible:

1. Know your audience size

Knowing how big your audience will be is crucial to planning your event. It will affect every aspect of your event planning, from venue size, seating, catering, and LED wall rental. When selecting the size of the LED wall panels for your event, you must ensure that it is big enough so that everyone in attendance can view it.

2. Choose the right size LED wall

Not only do you need to select a large enough LED wall for the event so that your entire audience can view it, but you also must consider the decor. A video wall that is too big may feel obtrusive compared to the other decor in the room, and going for a smaller, more subtle wall might feel more luxurious and appropriate for your particular event. Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better.

3. Plan for the weather

Will your event be held indoors or outside? This is something that you need to consider when planning your LED wall for events rental. If your event is outdoors, arrange to rent a weather-proof LED wall to ensure that your event can withstand the elements, rain, or shine. Another bonus of LED walls is that they are relatively quick and easy to tear down and set up again. If foul weather turns up on the day of your event, you can quickly move inside to dryer ground without the hassle that projections or other video screens would pose.

4. Consider Pixel Pitch For LED Video Wall

Pixel pitch refers to the density of the LED pixels on an LED display. It measures how far away each pixel is from the other. The smaller the pixel pitch, the smaller the distance between each pixel. Therefore the higher the resolution and the better the picture quality.

When looking at LED video wall rentals, it is vital to inquire about the pixel pitch to ensure that you provide your audience with the best quality viewing experience possible.

5. Think about Mobility

Will you need to move your LED video wall around to different areas during your event? If so, a mobile LED video wall will be the best choice for your rental needs. A mobile video wall is permanently installed on a wheeled mobile device such as a truck or trailer and can easily be moved to different locations. These are perfect for outdoor events, like sports tournaments.

6. Use Clear Typography And Graphics

When choosing the content you will display on your LED wall for the event, consider the font style, size, and color for your text and the type of graphics you will display. Use clear and easy-to-read typography and crisp graphics. You want to ensure that everyone in your audience, even those located near the back of the room, can easily see what is displayed on your LED wall.

7. Engage Your Event Audience Throughout Social Media

Using your LED video wall as a social media wall is a fantastic way to engage your audience. People are always looking for excellent backdrops and interesting situations to create posts for their social media feeds. Providing them with these opportunities will create an event that is exciting and memorable.

8. Draw Sponsors' Attention To Your LED Walls

Using your LED video wall as a donor recognition wall is the perfect way to thank all of your event sponsors and help you gain new ones in the future. Everyone loves to see their name in lights, and recognizing your sponsors on your LED wall is a great way to pay tribute to them and their contributions.

9. Keep Arriving Attendees Informed (or Entertained) Before Event Beginning

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to color and movement, making an LED video wall the perfect way to capture your audience’s attention before your event begins. Video walls can help inform guests about your event or keep them entertained before the event starts.

10. Work With An Event Company That Provides Full LED Wall Support

When you are looking into LED wall for events rental, consider the amount of support that the company will provide for you. Some rental companies provide the equipment only, while others offer full-service set up and tear down options. A full-service option will allow you to concentrate on hosting your event and keeping your audience entertained and will put all of the tedious technical tasks in the hands of experienced experts.

Are you Searching For an LED Video Wall For Your Event?

You want your event to be the best that it can possibly be, and renting an LED wall for events can help bring you the success you’re looking for. An LED wall will create a more engaging and interesting event and add a level of extravagance that will set your event apart from the rest.

If you are interested in finding out more about LED video wall rentals, the experts at Rent For Event are ready to help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create a memorable event.

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