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Great Tips For Hosting The Best Outdoor Movie Night

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The world has changed since the coronavirus pandemic started. There have been restrictions to some gatherings, and the ’normal’ fun places people visit have been closed. Besides, for those still open, the fear of the virus is still hindering people from visiting. Movie theaters especially have been hit by this as either the theaters are closed and you can’t visit, or you are just scared of the virus.

However, instead of worrying about not visiting the theaters, why can’t you bring the theater to your home? Of course, you can always call a couple of your favorite families and friends and host an outdoor movie night in your home. But how do you host an outdoor movie night? Follow this guide to see tips on how to host a memorable outdoor movie night.

1. Choose The Date

When you want to host an outdoor movie night, the first thing to do is to choose the date. After selecting the date, endeavor to communicate the date to everybody you are inviting as quickly as possible. Should some of your friends or families be unavailable, there should be enough time to change the date and communicate with others.

2. Choose The Movie

It is Movie Night, and you should ensure that your guests enjoy the movie. Therefore, before choosing the movie, take into consideration the preferences of your guests. Moreover, it would be best to choose a movie with brighter scenes and less quiet dialogues. Also, if there will be kids in attendance, you do not want to show X-rated movies. In the end, choose a movie almost everyone will enjoy.

3. Get A Good Outdoor Movie Screen

An outdoor movie screen is probably the most important thing when you want to host an outdoor movie. To enjoy the movie experience, you need to get a high-quality movie screen or projection screen. A good screen with HD viewing will make you and your guests enjoy the movie better.

4. Get Powerful Speakers

Movie nights are useless when you can’t hear the dialogues in the movie. Therefore, it would be best if you matched your outdoor movie screen with high-quality outdoor speakers. The reason is simple; you want to hear the dialogues in the movie over the wind or other outdoor noises. However, the speakers should not be too loud as you do not want to disturb your neighbors with the speakers.

5. Lighting

It is also essential to get the proper lighting for the outdoor movie. Your lighting choice should be ’ambient.’ You want a light that’s bright enough for your guests to walk around without falling over things, yet, the light should be dark enough not to distract them from the big screen. Using outdoor candle lanterns or outdoor string lights can give you the perfect balance between not too dark and not too bright.

Another good lighting option is using garden lights with ground stakes across the paths you expect your guests to walk through.


6. Get Comfortable Seat Options

It would help if you got comfortable and relaxing seats for your outdoor movie guests. However, it would be best if you put into consideration what different guests want. Some might like to sit on sofas, and others might enjoy lying flat on the floor. You can provide some outdoor furniture like lawn chairs for your guests.

Besides that, you can also provide blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows for a more relaxed and cozy sitting. Also, don’t forget the blankets! You can either provide enough blankets or ask each one of your guests to come along with theirs.

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7. Keep The Wires Away

One thing you want to avoid is your guests tripping over wires. So try to keep the wires as minimal as possible. Besides, if possible, do away with wires entirely by using devices that can connect via wireless connections. However, if, by chance, you couldn’t get rid of all the wires, you need to keep them away from where your guests will walk.

8. Get Good Snacks

Another tip for hosting the best outdoor movie night is to get good snacks ready. One this is certain; you can never go wrong with popcorn. So get a lot of popcorn for your guests. You can also get cakes, gummy bears, and chocolates.


9. Have a Beautiful Décor

Make your movie night memorable by having a beautiful décor. The décor doesn’t have to be extravagant. However, flowers and a red carpet for taking pictures will make a massive difference for your guests.

10. Test The Setup

After following all the necessary tips, we gave you earlier, it would be best you test your setup before D-day. First, you need to find the right place to set your outdoor movie screen or projection screen. You do not want to start moving the big screen around to find a suitable position when your guests are there.

Also, you need to test the speakers to ensure that they are loud enough for the movie night. Asides from that, you also need to confirm that the lighting is perfect. We will advise that you do all these a night before the main night.

How To Get A Outdoor Movie Screen?

Outdoor movie screens or projection screens are essential for any movie night. Yet, not everybody has one. So, if you are willing to buy one, you need to take special care to purchase the right one.

The first thing to consider when buying one is the screen size. It would be best if you took note of the size of your yard or the number of guests you will potentially have when buying one. You do not want to buy a movie screen bigger than your space or one that’s too small for the movie viewing you want.

Next, you should also consider other essential features like the screen’s frame and stands. It is advisable to get a projector screen with a stand as that ensures an easy setup. You also want to get an outdoor movie screen with an aluminum frame as it is lightweight and durable.

Owning your movie screen is excellent but renting a movie screen has a lot of benefits too. First, you need to know that there are outdoor movie screen rental services available. With an outdoor movie screen rental company, you get so many benefits that you ordinarily might not be able to get yourself if you decided to buy your setup.

First, these companies are professionals in the business, and they have varying outdoor screens available for rental. In light of this, you have a choice of choosing an outdoor screen for rental, depending on what you need. Besides, they can also advise you on the screen size suitable for your space or the number of guests you want to have.

Furthermore, outdoor screen rental companies can also handle the lighting and speakers for your movie night. They are sure to have the right speakers and lights you need.

If you want an outdoor movie screen rental service, then you can count on Rent for event. We have everything you need to make your outdoor movie night a success. From big screens with HD picture quality to great lights and high-quality speakers. Just name it! Rentforevent has you covered.

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