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Four Steps To Ensure Your Event Is Secure

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Regardless of where you do events, safety and security is always a priority. Whether you need to secure your event from weather, disruptions or even potentially dangerous situations, security is the key to everyone attaining peace of mind and truly having a great time at your event. In today’s post, we share the four key steps to ensure your event is secure. So, in the unlikely event that any sort of threat may present itself at your event, you will be fully prepared.

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1. Have a Risk Management Plan

The first step in creating a truly secure event is to have a risk management plan for every event you do. A risk management plan primarily consists of 3 components; identifying any potential hazards, assessing the risk and controlling the risk which we will breakdown below.

2. Identifying Hazards

Consider all the people who will be involved with your event. What are their roles, where will they be and what will they be doing? The goal is to find what you need to ensure that they, the attendees and everyone else is secure from any technological, work related, environmental or even human related hazards. Don’t skip over discussing threats that seem insignificant.

3. Assess Risk

Assess the overall event’s risk and risk in different areas by looking at factors such as exposure, people involved, potential damage etc. Take your time doing this to make sure you allocate the necessary amount of security or alterations in setup you need to protect against various threats.

4. Manage and Control The Risk

Get together with your team if you have one and decide how you will address each risk starting with high potential risks. By brainstorming and implementing together as a team, you reduce the chances of there being errors in your plan and execution. Rehearse roles, practice and double check everything before the time of your actual event comes to ensure maximum security.

5. Hire Qualified Security Personnel

When it comes to hiring event security, you don’t want to skip on ensuring quality and experience. Who you should hire and how many people you should hire in regards to your event’s security will vary depending on the size and complexity of your event. Any security personnel you hire should have experience doing security for your type of event and if there is equipment they will be using, they should be highly trained in using the equipment correctly.

It’s also crucial that you discuss the event strategy, evacuation plans, procedures and communications with any security personnel you hire to ensure that everyone is on the same page before, throughout and after the event. It’s also important that the security staff you hire have the right attitude and character for the job. They will often have attendees asking them questions and they need to have the right attitude to leave people with a pleasant experience on top of ensuring their security. Don’t overlook this, other qualifications to consider include medical experience such as first aid and training with weapons or martial arts. Hiring a great security team is an investment you want to make with quality in mind to create true peace of mind.

6. Ensure Event Is Weatherproof

As an event planner, you need to be able to adapt at the drop of a dime. In certain cities weather is more unpredictable than others so you’re weather protection needs may change throughout an event. This especially applies to outdoor events where strong winds and lightning are two of the most common hazards. In cities like US or states like California where we’re based, outdoor events are common but the weather is often not an issue compared to states such as Florida. Outdoor stages and A/V equipment is often the most vulnerable when it comes to rainy weather or lightning because the equipment is heavy, can hurt people and often costs a lot to replace. It’s extremely important that you carefully choose which A/V company you work with when weatherproofing for safety and a great attendee experience. If you are not sure which A/V company to go with, check out our post 4 Steps To Pick The Best AV Rental Company For Your Event. Picking a great AV company is half the battle, from there do an assessment to ensure your event is truly weatherproof.

7. Use The Right Tech & Equipment

When it comes to equipment, especially for wi-fi and cybersecurity, you want to go with the best options for security. Aside from using the proper AV technology that can handle your needs, the weather and any potential risks you also want technology such as cameras, cybersecurity software and even heat mapping software that can give you an idea of how the crowds are moving. This can prevent overcrowding, which is often one of the biggest hazards when events go awry. Great security technology prevents accidents and tragedies so invest in it wisely. Make sure you have data on who will be at your event and that you adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act For Event Organizers. Using the right technology makes all the difference.

These four steps can be the difference between safety and chaos at your event. If you take the time to create a risk management plan, hire qualified security personnel, ensure it’s protected from the environment and use quality technology than you are creating a strong security infrastructure that will make all the difference in the event of a disaster. Event security is one of many important elements in creating an amazing experience for your attendees and it’s one that can even make the difference of whether or not anyone gets hurt or worse. Don’t neglect your event security and be sure to choose the best security personnel and vendors for your event.


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