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How to Rent Speakers for Your Next Event

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Large or small, an important part of planning any event is the audio. Unless you want the entire audience to listen to your presentation from your laptop, you’ll need the right set of speakers to give your sound the quality it deserves. If you’re looking for speaker rental US, there are several things to consider as you choose your equipment.

1. How Loud is Your Event?

At the first stage of planning, you need to decide how much sound you actually need; the size of your event can dramatically change your speaker requirements. A small gathering or presentation might only need a pair of stereo monitors, while a wedding or large corporate event might require a full surround setup. Remember, more attendees means more passive noise, and therefore more volume required from your speakers.

2. How Large is Your Venue?

The second factor to take into consideration is the size of your event venue. If your event takes place in a small conference room, you’ll want to choose speakers that deliver clear sound quality, but don’t deafen those sitting in the front row. On the other hand, if you are hosting an outdoor corporate barbecue, you will find that there are no walls to reflect sound back at your audience – meaning you need a significantly larger audio system to get complete sound coverage.

3. Stereo or Surround Sound?

An additional consideration for your audio system is speaker placement. Do you want the sound to come directly from the stage, or from all sides of the room? If your seating area is particularly large, do you need extra speakers in the aisles to make sure everyone can hear? Setting up a balanced sound environment is vital to creating the right atmosphere for your event. If you have enough speakers, you can make sure that each part of the auditorium receives an equal level of sound, with no zone too loud or too quiet.

4. Do You Need Other Equipment?

An audio system is more than just a pair of speakers. At the very minimum, you’ll need enough cabling to reach all of your monitors, and a mixer or audio interface to connect the speakers to the device you plan on playing audio from. Interface choice depends on how many devices you intend to use, with one channel required per individual speaker or mic. Depending on the speakers you choose, you may also need stands to mount them around the room.

You should also consider whether you need microphones for those presenting at your event. Microphones need microphone stands; they also need to be connected to the console with an XLR cable, which differs greatly from speaker cables. Wireless microphones use a transmitter box, but this too needs a cable to connect with the mixer.

Although many speakers use the same kind of input cables, it’s still important to check that you have the right kind, and enough length of it, before you begin setup. The longer a cable is, the greater the chance it could pick up static or interference; this means that for larger venues, higher quality cables may be required.

5. How Do You Use the Equipment?

Before audio system rental, it’s important to make sure that you know how to use it. On a basic level, you need to know how each of your rented devices connects to the mixer, and how to set the correct input or output. Audio equipment can be quite sensitive; sending too much signal through can result in “clipping,” or a harsh distorted sound that rattles your speakers and makes your attendees wince. To prevent this, you need to make sure that the input from your media device is at the right level, and that the output to each of the speakers is set correctly.

Depending on the size of your event, you may be able to operate your PA system rental US on your own; however, you may also want to consider hiring a technician for setup, if not to oversee the entire process.

6. What's Included in the Rental Price?

When you rent a piece of equipment from Rent for Event LA, the price tag includes the rental, delivery, and pickup. All devices come with the required cables and adapters. Make sure to contact us in advance of your event so we can make sure you get the exact equipment you need.

Many of our speaker rental US packages come with everything you need for your event, including speakers, microphones, cables, and a mixer. Larger packages include labor costs for setup and tear down, so you can be certain that the equipment is working correctly.

7. Who is Responsible for the Equipment?

Most speaker and PA system rental US follows the same procedure: when you rent a piece of equipment, you take full responsibility for it during the time it is in your possession, as outlined in your rental agreement. During checkout, it is up to you to make sure that each piece of equipment is in good, working condition before it enters your possession. Upon return, each item will be tested to make sure that it is still functioning properly.

8. Should You Hire a Technician?

The larger your event is, the more speakers you need – and the more complicated setup will be. Although it’s possible to setup and operate your own sound system, one of our audio/visual technicians can streamline the process and let you focus on running the actual event.

Rent for Event LA’s audio engineers will be able to assess the specific needs of your venue, make on-the-fly changes that save your presentation, and oversee tear down to make sure that the equipment is handled safely. And if an AV technician attends your event, they take responsibility for returning equipment in working condition.

When deciding whether you need to hire a technician, ask yourself how important this event is. Is it a small meeting that could be interrupted while someone fixes the audio? Or is it a large corporate seminar that need perfect signal the entire time the CEO is talking?

Setting up an audio system can be a complicated process, with many decisions that require professional care. Luckily, you aren’t expected to go through it alone – just call Rent for Event. From planning to rental to equipment operation, we’ll be happy to handle your event’s audio and visual needs, and let you focus on what you do best: running the event.

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