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How to Throw a Successful Karaoke Party

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If you’re looking for ideas for event in LA, one of the concepts that will truly inspire enjoyment is to have a karaoke party. Many people love karaoke, and it’s an incredible activity that will bring everyone together. Guests will keep talking, newly introduced individuals will not feel uncomfortable with one another, and it can even create relationships.

A karaoke party can help you reconnect with your old friends, and you can invite anyone, even your bosses, to sing their favorite tunes. Whether you plan to have the festivity at home or an exclusive venue, you need help from a company that offers karaoke rental US. You do not have to go anywhere because is the ultimate place to rent karaoke machine in the City of Angels. is your source for a fully independent karaoke system and the leading name in professional grade DIY machine rentals. They are easy to operate, and you can have fun with your friends and coworkers all night long.

1. Why Choose RentForEvent Karaoke Machines

RentForEvent is your partner in making your vision for your event a reality. The company offers karaoke rental US so you can have a great party. The company prides itself on focusing on the preferences and demands of its customers.

The staff is guaranteed to be attentive to the needs of the clients with experts who use a consultative approach. Right from the period you contact the company until the time your event comes, everything will be perfectly executed, starting from your professional karaoke system. 

No matter what occasion you have, RentForEvent is your go-to source if you need to rent karaoke machine in US. The company can provide the karaoke system you need for a wedding, kid’s party, adult’s birthday party, corporate events, and laidback singing competitions at home.

For the ultimate experience, your karaoke party in US requires professional machines that will spice up your event. You can select from thousands of tunes and enjoy the equipment that can even enhance you and your guests’ singing abilities. It will surely be a night to remember, and you can make everyone feel comfortable as they get their turn for the spotlight.

Clearly, numerous other companies provide karaoke rentals, and you can see them online. Jumping from one firm to another wastes your valuable time. is the only place where you can find what you are looking for. Here are the reasons why it is the best company to rent your karaoke machine for your upcoming event:

2. Pricing

Let’s face it; everyone wants to save a few dollars. At the same time, you want to get the best out of the money you spend. Here’s the good news you have been waiting for: offers high-quality machines that you can truly afford. Whether it is a home karaoke machine or even one with a DJ, you will get the best possible price on the market.

3. Thousands of Song Selections

Thanks to using the best software in the market, everyone in your group will surely have something to sing along to because there are over 34,000 tunes to choose from. Whether your guests prefer favorite modern songs, they like the classics more, or even a combination of both, you will find it in the song collection.

Plus, all the tunes are recorded in studio quality so you can turn up the volume without compromising how the music sounds. It’s guaranteed that if you cannot find the song from RentForEvent, you can never find it elsewhere.

4. Excellent Microphones 

With technology these days, you can experience signing acoustic karaoke. However, most people still prefer to do it the traditional way where they utilize a microphone. Whether you plan to make the party a regular event every month or so or it is merely a one-time thing, you want to go all out.

Microphones are among the most crucial item in your karaoke system. You can choose from a wired or wireless microphone. Perhaps the only advantage of a wired one is that it is easy to set up. However, no matter how you set it up, the wire will always get in the way. Foot traffic, dancing, and performances will be limited because of the cables, which is why gives you wireless freedom with Shure microphones.

For years, Shure mics have been praised for high-quality sound, along with long battery life for their transmitters. Compare it to cheaper options from the electronics stores, and you will immediately see the difference.

5. Play Music in the Background

Just because no one is singing does not mean the music has to stop. When it is time to eat or your guests may simply want to chat for a while, you can leave the machine playing songs. The audio system can access Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora among others, so you do not have to hire a DJ during your event. It is indeed cost-efficient while you have the best piece of equipment with the most excellent sound quality that your guests will enjoy as well.

Whenever you need assistance, you can always reach RentForEvent no matter what time it is. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, whether you pick a home karaoke machine, a set with a second large TV, a photo booth, or a DJ system without a live DJ.

6. Tips for a Successful Karaoke Party offers karaoke machines that you can rent for your home, office, restaurant, or even your backyard party. If you are looking for some ideas for event to make your festivity even more enjoyable for your guests, here are some recommendations:

You may want to set a theme. You can go for the 60s, 90s, or even rock n roll themed parties. There are a wide variety of choices out there, and it is up to you to decide which among them would suit your location and your group. Make sure though that you communicate the theme to your guests, so they dress up accordingly.

Load some songs before your guests start singing. Most of them would not be comfortable to begin belting out a tune. However, if you have already set up a song cue, they will most probably pick up the microphone and sing their heart out.

Give away some prizes. It does not have to be anything extravagant, but rewards always encourage involvement. They will participate more if you provide them with some awards, such as best in singing, best costume, best duet, and more.

Offer food and booze. Karaoke is more fun when your guests are not hungry. You want to make sure that the food and drinks are ready. If you will serve beer or alcoholic beverages, guarantee that everyone has a designated driver so they can all go home safely.
Notify your neighbors about the upcoming party. Even though it may not get deafening, informing those who live near you that there will be a karaoke party will get rid of the worries about an angry neighbor calling the cops.

Before the event, you may want to do a trial run, which allows you to double check the equipment. provides high-quality systems, but you should still do your part in making sure that everything works perfectly.

You can have the music you want to make your party a memorable one with unbeatable karaoke machines that you can rent without breaking your bank. RentForEvent will take care of all your entertainment needs from the delivery to the setting up of the equipment up to the teardown process.  

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