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AV for Virtual Events: Best Practices for Engaging Online Audiences

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Whether you’re planning to host a webinar, virtual academic conferences, virtual trade shows, presentations, etc., engagement is always the name of the game. It’s important for you to ensure that your online attendees remain interested in your program from start to finish.
If you’re looking for fresh ideas, here are some effective ways you can boost engagement on your next online event:
AV For Virtual Events

1. Gamify your virtual event

Gamification is a very effective way not just to keep your event interesting. Also, it’s a great way to set a good impression on your brand.

During virtual events, you can host trivia quizzes, leaderboards, virtual escape rooms, or social media contests. If you like, you can also integrate VR experiences into your online event. This will make it more immersive for your audience.

Just remember to prepare a prize for the winners after the event. It can be in the form of gift cards, exclusive perks on your organization, or VIP access to future events. This way, more audience members will be encouraged to join the fray.

2. Integrate networking features

You should also give your attendees the chance to connect with each other. For this, you can host breakout rooms, virtual lounges, or one-on-one video chats.

Overall, these networking features are very effective for virtual events like webinars or conferences. With smaller group sessions, your attendees will have the time to share their ideas with other audience members.

Aside from that, providing, these networking options will also make your event an avenue for building connections. It will also foster productive interactions among your participants.

3. Consider group chat tools

Aside from networking platforms, you should also consider integrating group chat tools into your virtual event. This way, when an attendee sees something interesting, they can send a private message and connect to that person.

For this, you can integrate chat widgets where users can find each other through their names or unique IDs. You can also host chat rooms where guests can have private conversations.

4. Invite keynote speakers

To make sure that your attendees will stay engaged during your event, you should also invite keynote speakers. These could be popular experts in your field that your guests will look forward to seeing at your virtual event.

The good thing about virtual events is that you can invite keynote speakers from anywhere in the world without the burden of travel costs. It also gives your organization a wide range of options to ensure that your event will be a success.

5. Host a Q&A session

Make sure that you also provide a Q&A session towards the end of the speaker’s discussion. This way, your attendees will have the chance to ask questions and boost your engagements.

For a productive Q&A session, you should consider the following strategies:

  • Assign a dedicated moderator. You should have a moderator to facilitate the exchange between the guests and the keynote speakers.


  • Set ground rules. You should also inform your attendees about the rules during your Q&A. This includes keeping questions relevant and concise as well as observing a respectful atmosphere.


  • Mind the time. Q&A sessions can easily eat up time during your virtual event, so make sure you keep an eye on your schedule. If your guests have more questions, you can give them a way to reach out to the keynote speakers later on.

6. Launch a giveaway

If you want to make your online attendees look forward to your virtual event, you should also consider a giveaway. This can be done as part of gamification as we’ve mentioned above.

If you’re new to giveaways, here are some ideas you can consider:


  • Gift cards. The easiest way to incorporate giveaways on any event is through the form of gift cards. It could gift cards for your products or services or any other relevant items. 
  • Exclusive content. Another giveaway option is to offer VIP access to your exclusive content or experiences. It should be something very valuable for your attendees. For example, it could be a backstage pass on your upcoming live event. 
  • Tech gadgets. Gadget giveaways are very popular across brands and you can also do it during your virtual event. Any useful tech item will surely entice your attendees to join the discussion. 
  • Virtual swag bags. You can also create virtual swag bags. This could contain digital downloads, promotional materials, discount codes, and gift cards for the lucky attendees who will win.

7. Provide ‘evergreen’ content

Evergreen content is any valuable content that your attendees will find useful for long periods. It’s called ‘evergreen’, just like the trees that keep their leaves all year long.

So what kind of evergreen content can you offer your attendees? Here are some good ideas for starters:

  • How-to guides. You can create a comprehensive guide that your attendees can download during the event.
  • Listicles. It can be anywhere from a list of tools, a checklist of event tips, or a questionnaire for AV rentals that they can use in the future. Just make sure that the listicles are relevant to your event and industry.
  • Educational resources. You can also provide infographics, videos, and informative articles relevant to your event. It can also be expert content that your attendees haven’t seen before.

8. Get quality AV rentals

Aside from all the engagement strategies above, one of the key components of every virtual event is reliable AV equipment. No matter how much you prepare for the program, it’s useless if your event is mired in technical problems.

For a virtual event, you’ll usually need the following equipment from AV experts:

  • Audio. Of all the technical aspects of your virtual event, you should never compromise when it comes to sound quality. You need clear and crisp sound system rentals to ensure that your participants will stay engaged throughout the event.
  • Lighting. Proper lighting will create a professional atmosphere during your virtual event. It will ensure that your attendees can see all the props, visuals, and other elements in your livestream. For this, you should consider expert lighting rentals to skip the hassle.
  • Stage. If you’re hosting a virtual conference, consider getting a stage rental to create a professional atmosphere. This way, attendees will feel like they are actually part of the live event even if they are attending online.
  • Visuals. To complete the ensemble, consider getting a video wall rental or projector rental to show presentations. It can also serve as a background for your virtual event.


PRO TIP: Aside from getting high-quality equipment, you should also consider hiring technical support. This way, you can focus on your program and keep your attendees engaged. It will also save you from technical glitches.

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