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LMD-4250W LCD Production Monitor

Rent LMD-4250W LCD Production Monitor in New York. LMD-4250W is an elegant 42-inch widescreen LCD monitor designed for demanding broadcast and professional applications. LCD displays are increasingly replacing CRT monitors in the professional arena due to their increased operational flexibility and lower overall cost of ownership.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications
Ideal for BROADCAST (studio, office viewing, control room etc.), PRODUCTION (OB, monitor wall, VTR control, audio monitoring etc.), POST-PRODUCTION (mid-range multi-format editing consoles), CORPORATE (high-end multi-format use) and GRAPHIC DESIGN
Superb High Definition Display
Full HD 1920×1080 LCD panel delivers outstandingly sharp high brightness and contrast pictures
Perfect for Group Viewing
An ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees makes this no problem
Outstanding greyscale and color transitions provide lifelike picture quality
Thanks to full digital 10-bit processing.
Colour Quality Decisions can be made with Confidence
Innovative Sony ChromaTRU technology ensures consistent and repeatable color to ITU-709, SMPTE, and EBU standards and from monitor to monitor.
Consistently Optimal Picture Performance
Less ‘drift’ than CRT displays, with no convergence, geometry, or linearity issues, and no susceptibility to magnetic fields.