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LED Screen Rental
in New York

New York Audio Visual Expert

Why rent outdoor
LED screen from Rent For Event

We specialize on LED video screen rental and installation, in particular large or giant ones. All of our professional video engineers are licensed and insured.

Rent for Event has been Serving New York for over 6 years, we work with large corporate clients like Netflix, CBS, BET TV, but we also love to create the best ambience on weddings and birthday parties.

Outdoor LED video screens are widely used on any sort of speaking events, concerts, weddings, any event where you would like to show some sort of video content, especially if your event is during the daytime.

See for yourself how professional AV team combining with your idea can make you stand out from your competition!

Includes full delivery / set up / operation / breakdown.
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led screen packages for p 2.6 mm
Includes full delivery / set up / operation / breakdown.

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Includes full delivery / set up / operation / breakdown.

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Custom led screens


Need a specific screen size, shape or form?
Let us know and we will customize it.

How Does an LED display Work?

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A LED screen, also known as a LED video wall,
is essentially a giant TV screen made up
of many small LED panels connected together.

Each LED panel is made up of many individual LEDs, depending on the spec of the panel, the LED panels are spaced closer together or further apart, this is known as the pitch.

Each LED panel produces 3 colors – Red, Green, and Blue, which are used to create an infinite range of colors. When you stand far away from the LED video wall, you don’t see the individual pixels, just the final image created by them.

Each LED panel is made up of many individual LEDs, depending on the spec of the panel, the LED panels are spaced closer together or further apart, this is known as the pitch.

Each LED panel produces 3 colors – Red, Green, and Blue, which are used to create an infinite range of colors. When you stand far away from the LED video wall, you don’t see the individual pixels, just the final image created by them.

See for yourself
what our valued clients say about us:
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Sean Garrison
From Play Agency

«How’s it going my name is Sean Garrison I work with „Play Agency“ we hit up Rent For Event New York last minute with like three days to spare and we got a giant LED wall we got four TVs for PacSun and 40-love. We got the photo booth set up. We got few TVs for Courvoisier.

Rent For Event came through with three days to spare and saved our lives! I would suggest them to anyone and I will use them forever!»
Anne Spalter
From Anne Spalter Studios
"My name is Anne Spalter from Anne Spalter Studios and this is Spring Break Art Show in LA. The theme this year is 2020 was excess.

Rent For Event New York was awesome to work with. Igor was very easy to communicate with and has made the whole thing really much easier than I ever thought it would be and his expertise is really essential to making this happen at all. We hired them for a full production, but we had our own idea. They made it happen. We got 3 led walls on a trusses, each panel is 1.5m x 1.5m (4.9′ x 4.9′).

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Robert Renaud
From MINE Expo participant
«We were at MINE Expo 2011 (2021) in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. We’d like to thank Rent For Event for a beautiful display and clarity of our videos that we’ve streamed to our innovation days from Finland to people here, in Las Vegas, and to the mining community of North America and to people who attended the show here. The services provided were Full Production, Live Stream, LED walls.»
our recent clients
The outdoor LED screens are most implemented on the events such:

We offer AV support for your concerts or we can collaborate with your in- house team, to make the shots of the band will be displayed as you planned to. You can have any background on any size LED wall to inhale your performance and take it to another level.

Fairs and Festivals

We specialize on large or even giant LED wall installation. During the festival you always have announcements, sponsor’s promotional videos etc. With large LED screen all of your guests will see it!

Video Production

Video Production

The LED video wall is a great tool for video production studios that shoot any video content.

If you are planning to use an LED screen as a background for your shoot and you want to make sure it looks great on camera, we suggest 2.6 mm led panels because it will give you a better resolution and image.

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By working with us, you help change children's lives

One step at a time. A portion of our income goes to unLIMBited Foundation, an
organization that saves children’s limbs when amputation looks like the only option.

Most of the time you will
ask us these questions:

What Is Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch is the density of pixels (LED clusters) on an LED screen and determines its resolution. Pitch or dot pitch, often known as the “pixel pitch”, is the space in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of the next pixel closest to it. Since pixel pitch refers to the amount of space between two pixels, a smaller pixel pitch means there is less empty space between pixels.

How Should I Choose What
Pixel Pitch To Go With?

This means higher pixel density and improved screen resolution while a bigger pixel pitch such as our 3.9 mm LED display is lower in resolution and better for large or outdoor events where people will be distant from the screen. The choice you should make depends on your unique needs, if attendees will be closer to the screen we suggest a higher resolution LED display such as our 2.6 mm screen.

What Does My LED Screen
Rental Come With?

Our LED screen rental package includes delivery, setup, operation, and tear-down of the display and any equipment. We also have a trained technician who works with you as support during your event to manage the display, troubleshoot any issues that may come up, and make any changes you may desire. If it is a custom size led wall then we will send you a quote with break down.

What Is Aspect Ratio?

Aspect ratio is the width and height of a screen or an image. An aspect ratio consists of two numbers separated by a colon, the first number denoting the image’s width and the second its height. For example, an aspect ratio of 1.33:1 means the image’s width is 1.33 times the size of its height.

Do You Rent Smaller Screens As
Well Such as TVs?

Yes, we offer all kinds of monitor display rental sizes such as 43″, 60″, 70″, and 82″ 4K HD screen rentals with ultra-high-resolution smart TVs. TV rentals come with stands and we offer delivery and pick up 24/7.

Do you have weather-resistant
LED walls?

We have special outdoor LED walls that can resist weather such as rain and wind that you can use if your event will be outdoors and potentially face harsh weather.

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Contact us and we will help you out

What our clients say about us

Najee Jalice

I will use Rent For Event for all of may events moving forward! As an event planner it isn’t easy to find reliable and quality vendors when you are new to the city but I appreciate all that Yegor helped us with for my clients album release party…

The LED wall, crisp sound system and custom lighting really made the night more than special for my client!

Kacie Lehner
Igor and Dmitry were incredible. I hired them to set up screens for a music video I produced and they worked tirelessly to create the look and feel of what we were going for. They stayed extra hours, collaborated with the entire crew and made our vision come to life. I can’t wait to work with them again on another project. I highly recommend Rent For Event
elizabeth w.

Igor and his team were great! He was fast to respond and quickly sent updated quotes when we had changes. We had a few last minute requests that they were able to easily accommodate and had the best prices…

We reached out to a bunch of other companies for quotes for pipe and drape and a stage setup and they were by far the best prices.
Matt LeDuc

Igor and his team were super easy to work with and great with their communication. We used them for a Drive-In Movie in a high school setting. They helped us put on a memorable event for high school students in this hard time…

Igor even worked with us to play both a movie and stream a live game, which took our event to the next level.
Marta K.
I had a great experience. Vlad was nice, knowledgable and did a terrific job setting it all up. I highly recommend them. I also highly recommend setting up a screen in the back yard. It’s really fun.

Then he came back at the exact time agreed to and was very quick about getting everything wrapped up.

Ted King
We rented a 14 foot high movie screen, DVD player, and speakers to show a movie in our front yard for the kids. The delivery was early, the technician not only set everything up, he waited until sundown to make sure the picture was perfect…
Everything went off without a hitch. Great experience, highly recommended!