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How To Throw an Unforgettable Karaoke Party

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Are you planning to throw a karaoke party but not sure where to start? Or maybe you have an idea but you really want to refine it and make it into something great? As an LA based audiovisual equipment rental company, we’ve worked with a lot of people to make their karaoke parties unforgettable and are happy to impart some of what we’ve learned with you. Throwing a karaoke party doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating, so let’s get started!

Karaoke Party

1. Have More Than One Genre of Music

Aside from the people at the party, music is the core component needed to make a karaoke party happen. The thing with music is that everyone has different tastes and preferences much like clothing or food choices. So at a karaoke party having only one genre of music can exclude a lot of people quickly. However, having a variety of genres available creates more opportunities for everyone to get involved in a song that resonates with them and spreads an awesome mood through the party. Consider how many guests you will have and what type of music they listen to when selecting the song options for your karaoke party.

2. Pair People Into Duets

Much like public speaking, singing in front of a group of people can be absolutely terrifying. For some people, having all the attention put on you can sometimes be too much even after a lot of alcohol has been consumed. So how do you account for this? Pair people up into duets! A duet is when two people sing a song together and is one of the best ways to allow people to feel comfortable and expressive at your party. If you know the guests well, try to really consider who you pair with who and remember that it makes it a little less nerve racking to sing with someone else than it is all alone in front of a bunch of people.

3. Use Decor To Set The Mood

Are you throwing the karaoke party in your home or maybe a bar? Either way, you will want to make sure the decor matches the mood and theme you want to be dominant at the party. So if you want an upbeat happy party, using a dark and dingy bar filled with grumpy Wall Street executives may not be the best choice. Same goes if you want a specific theme like a disco party or a birthday party. Use decor like furniture, lighting and even props to set the mood for your party and create a unique environment that your guests won’t forget.

4. Have The Right Equipment

So you know what music you want to play, you have a list of guests and all your decor is set up. Everything should be good to go now right? Nope. You need the right equipment to make sure you can actually throw a proper karaoke party. You want to have at least 2 microphones available and consider whether or not they should be wireless to accommodate your space and the activities. Next, you will need the karaoke songs. You can get this through software online, a karaoke machine or even just by using YouTube karaoke videos. Once you have these two things, all you need is a quality sound system so the music and the beautiful voices of your guests can be clearly heard during the celebration! Many people try making their own karaoke system, if you really want to make the party great, we recommend renting a proper karaoke machine. Our Karaoke machine has over 34000 studio recorded songs to choose from, it’s easy to navigate, you don’t need big paper catalogs and you can find all songs online directly through our system. The beauty of our karaoke system is that it can be used as a speaker and comes with a microphone as any fully-fledged karaoke machine should. We have different karaoke packages such as our photo booth package, the key is to choose one that’s the best fit for your party. We were recently invited by Coca Cola to help set up a karaoke contest on BET LIVE 2019. They used our karaoke system and our team to run the contest for kids and through our experience, we were able to pick the right karaoke system for the job. Whatever you do, just make sure you have the right equipment. 

Now that you know some of the things you can do to make your karaoke party unforgettable, it’s time to start planning and building a list of people to invite to yours! If you are based in US or Southern California and need help with setting up your karaoke party, check out our karaoke party rental equipment, we’re happy to help. Now go have fun! 

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