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Super Creative Photo Booth Ideas For Your Party

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Photo booths make parties extra fun. From candid smiles to wacky poses, it never fails to capture the spirit of the celebration. But aside from the typical camera setup, there are many photo booth ideas that will make it memorable for your guests.

In this post, we shared party photo booth ideas for all types of occasions. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, wedding reception, anniversary, baby shower, and whatnot, there’s something to add to the fun here. 

10 photo booth ideas for parties

Are you looking for DIY photo booth ideas? How about an additional inspiration for your next rental? Whatever your reason for getting a photo booth, the following will be creative options:

1. Prepare plenty of props

Plenty of props will make the photo booth enjoyable for everyone. Make sure you pack the booth with fun glasses, masks, hats, signage, crowns, and other accessories. You can also personalize the props based on the theme or type of occasion.

Moreover, photo booth props encourage interaction and engagement among your guests. It breaks the ice and makes the photos look more aesthetic.

Aside from that, photo booth props will add color and texture that complement your photos’ backgrounds. And if you’re hosting a corporate event, these props can come in handy for marketing purposes.

Be as creative as you want when preparing your photo booth’s props. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making it on your own, you can book a professional photo booth instead! Aside from awesome props, you’ll get quality equipment and full AV support during your event. 

2. Create custom print designs

One of the photo booth picture ideas you shouldn’t forget is giving printed copies to your guests. You can design custom templates with your brand’s logo or the event’s theme.

Printed photo booth snaps make great wedding favors, birthday souvenirs, and a remembrance for your event.

If you don’t want to stress out printing the photos by yourself during the event, you can tap the help of our team. Our photo booth rentals come with unlimited photos and prints on select packages.

We also have in-house designers who will create custom templates for you – as many as you like! Simply tell us your ideas, and we will bring them to life. 

3. Allow instant social sharing

If it’s not on social media, does it even happen? To make sure that your event will gain buzz online, you should get a photo booth with instant social sharing.

With this feature, your guests can post their photos online. It’s a great feature for corporate parties that aim to increase brand recall.

With our photo booth rentals, your guests can instantly send their snaps through email, text message, or social media. This way, they can post their fun photos as your event happens, boosting online engagements and interaction between guests.

Unlike traditional photo booths that only produce printed copies, those with a social sharing feature are more appealing to guests. It will surely make your party the talk of the town days after it finishes. 

4. Get a 3-in-1 photo booth machine

Why stick to plain pictures if you can also create fun Boomerangs and GIFs on your photo booth? This is one of the unique photo booth ideas that will be a big hit among party guests.

At Rent For Event, we offer a 3-in-1 selfie booth where you can take photos, Boomerangs, and animated GIFs in just one machine. The best part is that everything is shareable on social media almost instantly!

This feature will surely get the youngsters — and young at heart — lining up at your photo booth. Overall, a multi-feature photo booth will add to the fun and give guests a choice on how they want to express themselves in front of the camera.

Aside from that, you’ll get the most value from your money compared to having printed pictures alone. 

5. Make it glittery

Are you looking for a unique photo booth backdrop idea? You can consider a sparkly approach by hanging colorful foil-door curtains, tinsels, gold sequins, and garlands.

This is a popular choice during Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, but it’s also a perfect background for almost any celebration.

Moreover, these backdrops are fast and easy to install. It’s a smart option if you’re setting up a DIY photo booth on a budget or within a limited time. 

Pro tip: when using shiny and sparkly backdrops, make sure you place your lighting strategically. This way, the reflection won’t ruin the photos or look overwhelming on camera.

6. Get magical with fairy lights

Are you hosting a laid-back party? If so, fairy lights would be one of the best photo booth backdrop ideas for parties you can try.

Fairy lights or string lights add a dreamy vibe to your photo booth. Unlike the usual flashy and vibrant foil-door curtains, fairy lights imbibe a romantic atmosphere.

It’s the reason why this photo booth design is very popular for weddings and engagement parties. This would also look even more magical if the event occurred at night and the photo booth was installed outdoors.

If you want to achieve this romantic setup, Rent For Event is the one to call. We have a large inventory of fairy lights in various bulb sizes and colors. Also, our team will handle the delivery, installation, breakdown, and pickup, so you have nothing to worry about. 

7. Add colorful balloons

If you’re throwing a birthday bash for someone, balloons are definitely a staple for your photo booth. This is one of the foolproof DIY photo booth ideas for birthday parties of all ages.

You can use it as backdrops, props, or decorations on your photo booth setup. And if you want to go extra, you can create balloon animals, too!

Moreover, you can also get a whole balloon arch to serve as a frame for your photo booth. However, make sure there are no sharp objects around that could pop the balloon (talk about candid surprised reactions when that happens!). 

8. Choose a movie theme

Going for a movie theme is one of the tried and tested photo booth ideas for a party. You can get props from the movies that your guests can wear while posing. You can also design a custom backdrop to complete the ensemble.

Some of the most popular movies our clients go for are the Harry Potter series, James Bond, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and Pirates of the Caribbean. For kiddie parties, we’ve set up photo booths for various Disney princesses as the theme.

Whatever movie you choose, our team can design the best photo booth setup to impress your guests. We will provide all the needed equipment, props, designs, printing materials, and more! 

9. Glow up with neon lights

You can turn a plain surface into a magical backdrop by adding a neon sign to it. It’s best paired with a wooden backdrop, tropical greenery, or dark walls where the sign will stand out well.

Like fairy lights, neon lights are one of those photo booth party ideas that work well at night. You can get it in custom colors with words or letters that match your event.

Most of the time, neon lights are best placed on top of your photo booth. You can also incorporate them on the sides for a full retro vibe. 

10. Install a green screen

Can’t decide on one backdrop? Let your guest pick their own by putting a green screen on your photo booth. With this setup, your guests can choose pre-designed backdrops with animate overlays.

Also, our team will make custom templates and animations for you. Whether you’re going for carnival party photo booth ideas or something more laidback, we have you covered. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

This will add to the fun and make the photo booth experience more personalized. It’s a unique touch you can’t find on other photo booth packages. Just remember to remind your guests not to wear green! 

Get the best photo booth rental for your next event!

Do you want to take your party photo booth to the next level? Here at Rent For Event, we will design a photo booth that rocks!

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday, corporate event, family gathering, etc., we’ll provide you with the best photo booth experience.

Not only that! We also offer a karaoke and photo booth special for just one price! This means your guests will get nice photos and unlimited fun at your event. It’s the perfect party bundle at a discounted price.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about the setup. Our team will handle everything and ensure your photo booth and karaoke work seamlessly.

Feel free to choose from our pre-set packages or call us for a custom photo booth design. We’ve worked with thousands of events, and we’re excited to be part of your celebration! 

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