Event Planning 101: Key Tips for Organizing Stress-Free Event

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Does event planning give you sleepless nights? While planning an event has a lion’s share of tasks, it shouldn’t be this nerve-racking!

As an AV production company, we’ve seen many event planners struggle with this same problem. But we can’t blame them – there’s so much at stake when hosting an event, especially a big one. And if you’re facing the same dilemma, don’t fret, we’re here to help.

For this post, we sit down with our event production team to talk about how to plan an event without stress. Read on and don’t miss these planning tips straight from the experts!

Event Planning 101

10 Practical Event Planning Tips and Advice

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday, corporate gathering, or an international conference, these tips will surely come in handy!

1.    Plan early

As trite as it sounds, this advice is extremely valuable if you’re planning an event. Time is gold, as they say; but it’s diamonds if you’re an event planner.

For your pre-event preparation, you should focus on forming committees to assign specific planning tasks. For example, you should have a dedicated on-site team, an event coordinator, a team for guest affairs, and so on. Make sure you create an event planning checklist with all these details.

By doing this, you’re keeping everything organized before you dive into the bigger aspects of your event. Also, this will take a list of tasks off your shoulders instead of pulling your hair trying to juggle everything on your own.

2.    Establish a realistic and detailed budget

You can have the loftiest visions for your event, but its execution still boils down to your budget. It’s important to plan your event around your available budget. This way, you’ll avoid going over budget or skimping on certain aspects of the event.

With this, smart budgeting should be on your event plan. It’s important that you list all your event expenses, down to the smallest item.

Also, it’s important that you ask for estimates from various vendors, so you’ll have an idea of how much each rental or service costs.

Aside from that, you should be careful of ‘scope creep’. This is the tendency of event planners to unknowingly expand the event scale until it falls out of budget. It will create all sorts of problems not just in terms of funding, but also in the entire execution of your event.

3.    Choose a strategic venue

One of the most important event planning steps is choosing the right venue. Always remember that the location of your event can be a make-or-break factor for your guests.

Always remember that no matter how impressive the venue is, it won’t serve your guests well if it’s hard to locate.

Ideally, you’d want a venue situated near transportation facilities like airplanes, bus stations, and train stations. This way, your guests will have an easier time attending the event.

Aside from that, you should also inquire about the venue’s capacity, floor plan, amenities, and possible restrictions. From there, you can see if it’s a good fit for the type of event you’re planning.

While you’re there, you should also check the available parking space. If there’s none inside the venue, you can scout for the nearest parking lots that you can reserve for your guests.

4.    Hire a reliable AV company

A big part of successful event planning is finding the right audiovisual company to provide all your needed equipment. For the most part, your event will need the following rentals:

  • LED screens. You can get LED walls in different specifications based on the needs of your event. Overall, this is popular in many live events like trade shows, concerts, festivals, sporting events, product launches, and more.
  • Audio equipment. Make sure you have a reliable sound system, which includes microphones, speakers, mixers, amplifiers, equalizers, cables, and so on.
  • Lighting. Event lighting can help transform your venue into an aesthetic space. Your preferred AV company can help you choose the best setup that matches your vision.

You may need more rentals, depending on the type of event you’re hosting. So to avoid the hassle, we suggest that you hire a full-service AV company, so you only have to deal with one provider for your entire event.

5.    Use the latest event technology

To make sure that you’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests, you should consider integrating new event technologies. It will add flare to your setup, no matter what type of event you’re hosting.

Here are some of the newest trends that you can consider:

  • Virtual and augmented reality. AR and VR are the latest craze in many events, especially those with a younger audience. It’s also a great way to show branding materials to your guests.
  • Gamification. This is a great way to promote engagement and participation to your attendees. You can try the likes of event challenges, live trivia games, and social media contests.
  • AI integration. You can use artificial intelligence as part of your event strategy. This can help you automate certain event planning tasks to save time and energy.
  • Live streaming. Do you want to extend your event beyond the venue? In that case, you should consider live streaming services to allow remote attendees to be part of the event.

6.    Outsource your event decorations

Instead of buying and setting up your event décor, you can just rent it from an event vendor. This way, you’ll have a team to handle this task for you, ensuring that your venue will be picture-worthy.

Aside from that, outsourcing your decorations is cost-efficient since you don’t have to deal with the added expenses of logistics, additional manpower, and so on.

Also, professional event decorators can help choose the right setup that suits the occasion. It saves you from the guesswork and stress of dealing with colors, styles, textures, and whatnot.

7.    Form a marketing and advertising team

At this point of event planning, your hands are surely full. So instead of trying to juggle marketing and advertising at the same time, you can form a team to focus on this task.

Remember that promotions are an indispensable part of the event management process. It’s best if you have a dedicated team working on all your marketing and advertising campaigns. This way, you’re assured that word of your event is passed on to your target audience.

8.    Tap the help of volunteers

If you want to save time on your event, you should mobilize your volunteer network. This will also help you save money and ensure that every aspect of your event is being handled properly.

For this part, make sure that you train your volunteers in their specific designations and tasks. It’s also important that you incentivize their efforts, like giving them a small allowance or exclusive perks at your event.

Aside from that, you should maintain clear communication with all your volunteers to make sure that the event will go on without a hitch.

9.    Don’t forget about guest experience

This list of successful event planning tips won’t be complete without talking about the attendee experience. As much as you want your event’s execution to be perfect, you shouldn’t forget that a large part of what you do is for your guests.

With this, you should ensure that there’s proper communication, so your attendees will be in the loop of any updates on your event. This includes the directions to your venue, time and date, and other details.

Overall, your goal should be to make everything convenient for all your guests. This way, they will have nothing but positive feedback on your event.

For this, make sure you have a team who will assist guests in and out of the venue. You should also have a support team that will handle guest concerns during the days leading up to your event.

10. Consider partnering with an expert

Lastly, don’t hesitate to tap the help of experts in producing your event. Aside from our event management tips here, you can also consult an audiovisual production company on how to execute your ideas best.

Aside from that, you can consult with venue managers, event designers, security consultants, and catering providers to find the best solutions for your event. These conversations will help you avoid stressful event planning mistakes.

Let’s make the event planning process easier for you!

Are the event planning tips above not enough for you? If you need more help in producing a successful event, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Rent For Event.

Our professional team will guide you through all the audio and visual solutions you need for an impressive event. We also provide 3D rendering, so you can see how your setup will look like before we start the installation.

On top of that, you’ll enjoy hassle-free AV solutions. We will handle the delivery, installation, operation, teardown, and pick up of all your rentals. All you have to do is watch as we transform your event into an impressive spectacle.

So let’s talk and we’ll make your next event a smashing success!


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