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5 AV Terms Every Event Planner Should Know

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Audio and visual equipment is an integral part of organizing any event or party so when it comes to communicating with your AV team, it’s good to know some basic terms. We’ve compiled a list of 5 basic AV terms you should know as an event or party planner.

Event Planner

1. Aspect Ratio

Have you ever noticed when editing images you’ve seen options around setting “aspect ratio”? Don’t let this term scare you, all it means is the width of a picture in relation to its height, basically (width x height). The 3 most common aspect ratios are 4×3 which is commonly used in television, 16×9 which is standard in widescreen TVs, and 21×9 which is used in movie theatres. If you know the aspect ratios of your event content then it can be properly displayed during the event by working with your AV team. When renting and setting up projectors for your event, this is crucial to get right so everything is displayed properly.


IMAG stands for image magnification. This is when large screens are used to give a better view of the presenter at events. The need for this will vary depending on the size of your venue and the number of attendees you will have. If IMAG is needed, then your AV team needs to plan out where they will place the screens for optimal results. Renting the right video and display equipment for this is very important.

3. Gobo

A gobo operates as a piece of decor that is primarily used to customize or even brand your event. The way it works is a glass or metal template is used to project your logo like Batman or display decor on the walls for an awesome disco party. Gobo’s are useful to know about. You can usually find these as part of an audiovisual company’s event lighting rental options.

4. Truss

Have you ever noticed metal columns at trade show booths or music events that hold up signage and screens? Those are called trusses and they are used to support the trade show draping and signage. You will see them a lot when it comes to planning events and parties. Fortunately, they can be easily assembled and come in different sizes to meet various needs.

Moddim tiles

5. Moddim Tiles

These are essentially customizable stage backdrops. You can use different types of tiles and interlock them to create unique designs and experiences. You can also adjust the lighting on these from the back or even the floor to change the mood of any stage or event. You can often access LED wall rental options from AV companies that use moddim tiles. 

Now that you have a better idea of some of these basic terms, you can now enter meetings with AV companies better able to communicate your needs, goals and organize amazing events or parties. As an audio visual company based in US, we’ve worked with a lot of event planners and hope you found this information helpful.

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