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3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting a Grammy Viewing Party

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The Grammy’s are less than a week away! As a US based company, this is one of our favorite types of events, it is a celebration of many actors, something our city is famous for. We have helped many people in LA and across California with getting everything they need prepared for epic Grammy viewing parties, having the right vibe and equipment is key to make the party truly classy and enjoyable. Today we want to give you some pointers of what to look out for by sharing 3 major mistakes to avoid when hosting a Grammy Viewing Party.

3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting a Grammy Viewing Party

1. Using a Screen That’s Too Small

Using a Screen That’s Too Small

You’ve planned out the venue, have your invite list ready and already sent out, everyone is dressed up and excited for the party. As they finally arrive, they enter the venue with excitement for the epic reward ceremony that is about to unfold but as they look up at the projector in the venue or the TV in your home, the realization kicks in, the screen is way too small. The magic of the party is now gone… Why? Because without a sufficient sized or clear screen, your guests cannot see and therefore cannot enjoy the Grammy’s. Do not let this happen to you! Many party organizers and event planners make the mistake of using a tv that is either too small or projector screen that isn’t properly setup. When it comes to using a TV, ensure you have a big TV that everyone at the party can see and enjoy. For projector screens, be sure to consider how much ambient light there will be, especially if you plan on throwing the party outdoors or in a brightly lit area. Choose a projector or LED screen if you plan on having a big audience, in these situations, a TV just won’t cut it. The key is to not cut corners with the screen quality so that everyone can leave the party saying that they didn’t miss a moment of the Grammys. You can get a better idea of different screen options to use at our video rental page.

2. Not Having Any Party Favors

Not Having Any Party Favors

Don’t bore your guests by having nothing for them to do and no decorations!

In order to throw a great Grammy viewing party, you need something for people to do, especially before the Grammys actually start. You should have decor, ideally in Black and Gold, the Grammy colors plus fun party favors that everyone can participate in. One of the first things guests often see when they come to a Grammy viewing party is a step and repeat banner, however, many party planners make the mistake of using cheap step and repeat banners with plastic backdrops and vinyl screens, these can get the job done but don’t look to great and aren’t super stable due to the weakness of the backdrop. We recommend using a fabric backdrop and metal backdrop to give your party a classy feel that will make every guest feel like their truly walking the red carpet as they enter your party. You can have real fun with this and even rent a red carpet to make as a party favor, you can check out our different red carpet packages here to get an idea of what would make the most sense for your event. Another great party favor to add is a photobooth where guests can take photos and capture memories.

3. Not Having Loud Enough Speakers For Your Music and TV

Not Having Loud Enough Speakers For Your Music and TV

Everyone has come to the party and you have everything organized and ready for everyone to celebrate and view the Grammys; a red carpet and step and repeat banner of Hollywood level quality with a solid venue, decorations the big screen with a projector and champagne to add an extra level of classy to everything but as the Grammy’s begin you begin to realize you forgot an important component of making this a magical night, the speakers! If you use just the speakers built in to your TV or basic speakers with your projector, there is a good chance your guests will not be able to hear the event which will leave them guessing what’s going on and that is no fun. So how do you choose the right speakers? We’ve previously written a great blog post on how to choose speakers that may be helpful in choosing the right speakers based on your needs. Once you’ve determined the speakers you need, the next step is to rent them and set them up with your TV or projector. Now, that you know the major mistakes you need to avoid, get ready for this Sunday because you are good to go and it is now officially show time!


To learn more about the AV packages we offer for events, be sure to check out our packages page or call 1-844-852-2299 to learn more about our services and rates.

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