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Roland M400 Digital Mixer


Rent Roland M-400 Digital Mixed in Miami. The Roland M-400 is a complete digital mixing system that provides the purest sound possible. The complete system incorporates a digital snake and mixing console in one integrated system. The M-400 is designed to be fast and intuitive to use for the beginner or the experienced professional. It features dedicated knobs and buttons for all console functions, 25 touch-sensitive moving faders, onboard Help, large – bright TFT LCD display and Cat5e connectivity for low cost installation and truly portable systems. The M-400 is a complete digital solution maintaining 24-bit audio from the stage to the splits and back to the stage. Preamps on stage provide the highest possible sound quality and intelligibility. Cat5e snake eliminates the high frequency losses inherent in analog snakes. Onboard digital processing, channel DSP and routing eliminate any chance for buzzes from extra cabling and analog to digital conversion losses. Built-in 24-bit recording provides lossless capture of live events. The Digital Split allows lossless transmission to monitoring, recording or broadcast positions. Bus and Main LRC returns over Cat5e enables a complete digital signal path back to the stage.