Rent DUVETYNE DRAPE (per ft) in Miami. Duvetyne drape is a semi-blackout, light weight alternative to Commando that’s used for temporary masking and draping. Duvetyne has a felt-like feel and is one of the most cost-effective masking fabrics available.


Duvetyne drape is used for temporary masking and draping where light reflection is undesirable. Typical applications to control light spill include film and photography studios, theatrical sets, AV presentations, curtains and scenery. Duvetyne is one of the most cost-effective masking fabrics.

Typically used as a lighter weight alternative to Commando , Duvetyne is a durable, semi-blackout fabric with a felt-like, brushed matte finish. Is commonly used for masking around stages and masking for equipment in the Audio Visual and Production, theater, special and live events industries. It’s also used to control light spill in in film and photography studios. Duvetyne Drape is 53″ wide and comes standard with 6″ pockets on both top and bottom.  Our most popular heights are listed above but we can sew custom heights, sew panels together (3-panel wide is our most popular) and even finish them with grommets and ties or a variety of pocket styles like the “loose-flap”, “v-pocket” or “hook-and-loop closure” to help mask the Pipe and Drape when installed. For more information on custom heights, widths or finishes, please contact your sales representative.