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How to Organize a Modern Dance Competition Show

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Do you want to showcase the incredible talent of performers in a modern dance competition? Organizing such an event requires careful planning. You need attention to detail and access to the right resources.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of organizing this event. We’ll cover venue selection, production ideas, and effective promotion strategies.

After this, you can create an unforgettable dance experience that will leave the audience in awe. 

Choosing the perfect venue and equipment rental

Choosing the right venue and securing the necessary equipment is crucial. Here are some guidelines to help you make informed decisions.

Venue selection

Finding the ideal venue sets the stage for a successful dance competition show. Consider the following factors when choosing a venue:

1. Capacity and space

Look for a spacious location. Make sure it can comfortably accommodate performers and audience members.
The venue should have enough room for dancers to showcase their talent without feeling cramped. Check the number of participants and expected audience size.
Consider additional space requirements, such as backstage areas and dressing rooms.

2. Facilities and amenities

Check if the venue offers essential facilities. Ask if they have clean restrooms, dressing rooms, and comfortable seating arrangements.
Having well-maintained facilities contributes to a positive experience for everyone.

3. Accessibility

Consider the accessibility of the venue. Check transportation options and parking facilities. Choose a location that is easily reachable to maximize attendance.

4. Acoustics

Pay attention to the acoustic qualities of the venue. Opt for a space that provides good sound projection and clarity. This ensures that the audience can fully enjoy the music and performances. 

Equipment rental

Renting high-quality audio equipment, lighting, and a LED screen is essential. It enhances the production value of your dance competition show.
Here’s what to consider:

1. Audio equipment

Ensure that your audio equipment rental can deliver clear and balanced sound. Rent microphones, amplifiers, and speakers. These should handle the size of the space.
They should also provide excellent sound quality for both live performances and recorded music.

2. Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambiance. It’s also useful for highlighting the dancers’ movements.
Your lighting rental should offer a wide range of effects, colors, and intensity levels. Work with a lighting technician to design lighting cues.
The light should complement each performance and enhance the overall visual experience.

3. LED screen

An LED screen adds a dynamic element to your show. It allows you to display visuals, videos, or graphics that complement the performances.
Look for a trusted LED screen rental company. The screen should be large enough to be visible to all audience members.

4. Full AV company

To simplify the process, consider working with a reputable full AV company. Find one that offers a comprehensive range of equipment and services.
They can guide you in selecting the right equipment. They’ll also handle the technical setup. Plus, most offer on-site support during the event. 

Hosting an unforgettable dance concert

A dance competition show is not just about showcasing talent. It’s an opportunity to create a captivating and immersive experience for the audience.
Here are some dance production ideas to make your dance concert stand out:

1. Theme selection

Choose a theme that resonates with the audience and the participating dancers. It could be a concept like “Embracing Diversity” or a tribute to a renowned choreographer.
Themes provide a cohesive thread throughout the performances. They create a deeper connection with the audience.

2. Choreography

Encourage participants to bring their unique styles and creativity to the stage. Foster an environment that allows dancers to experiment and push boundaries.
Encourage choreographers to create innovative movements and formations that captivate the audience.

3. Collaboration

Consider incorporating collaborations between dancers, choreographers, and musicians. This can result in breathtaking performances that merge different art forms.
Collaborations can add a unique flavor to the show and create unforgettable moments.

4. Visual effects

Use lighting techniques to create visually stunning effects. These enhance the mood and ambiance of each performance.
Vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns can captivate your audience. Lighting can transform the stage into a stunning visual spectacle.
An LED screen can display dynamic visuals. This adds an extra layer of excitement and versatility to the show. 

Managing logistics and finances

Organizing a dance competition show involves careful management of logistics and finances. Here’s how you can streamline these aspects:

1. Detailed schedule

Create a comprehensive schedule. It should outline the order of performances, rehearsal times, and technical setup requirements.
Share this with all participants. This includes performers, choreographers, and the technical crew.
This way, you ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities and performance slots. Clear communication and coordination are essential for a smooth flow of the event.

2. Budget management

Keep track of your expenses. Factors to consider are venue rental, equipment, marketing, and staff.
Create a budget and monitor your spending throughout the planning process.
Consider seeking sponsorships or partnerships with local businesses. It helps you offset some of the financial burden.
Collaborating with sponsors provides financial support. It also offers opportunities for cross-promotion, benefiting both parties involved.

3. Contingency plans

Prepare contingency plans to handle any unforeseen challenges or emergencies that may arise. Identify potential issues and solutions, such as:

  • Backup equipment
  • Alternative performance spaces
  • Communication protocols in case of technical issues or schedule changes

Having contingency plans in place helps you navigate unexpected situations with minimal disruption. 

Ensuring smooth operations

Smooth operations are key to the success of your dance competition show. Here are some tips to ensure a well-coordinated event:

1. Dedicated team

Assemble a dedicated team to manage various aspects of the show. This includes ticketing, ushering, backstage coordination, and technical support.
Assign specific roles and responsibilities to ensure that all areas are adequately covered. Conduct team briefings to communicate expectations and coordinate efforts effectively.

2. Thorough run-through

Conduct a thorough run-through before the actual event. This helps you iron out any last-minute issues and ensure a seamless flow of performances.
Rehearse stage transitions, sound checks, and lighting cues. With this, you can ensure everything is synchronized and runs smoothly.
Use this opportunity to address any technical glitches or timing issues. That’s how you create a professional and polished production.

3. Effective communication

Establish clear communication channels. Include the organizing team, performers, and technical crew.
Use tools such as group messaging apps or walkie-talkies. These can facilitate real-time communication during the event.
These tools also enable swift coordination and problem-solving. As such, it minimizes any potential disruptions. 

Capturing and sharing memories

Documenting and sharing the highlights of your dance competition show helps create lasting memories and extends its reach. Consider the following:

1. Professional photographers and videographers

Hire professionals to capture high-quality images and videos of the performances and backstage preparations. They can capture visually appealing content. You can use their output for promotional materials and future use.

2. Event hashtag and social media sharing

Create a unique event hashtag. Make sure to encourage performers and attendees to share their experiences online.
This generates buzz and increases engagement. It also extends the reach of your show to a wider audience.
Curate and share user-generated content. This can showcase the enthusiasm and energy surrounding the event.

3. Mementos and keepsakes

Consider providing participants and performers with mementos or keepsakes. This includes event-themed merchandise or personalized certificates of participation.
These items are tangible reminders of their involvement in the show. Plus, these can be cherished for years to come. 

Additional tips to remember

Here are additional factors to consider for the event:

1. Selecting competent judges

The judges play a crucial role in a dance competition show. Choose judges who have expertise in various dance styles and a keen eye for talent.
Look for individuals with professional experience. They can be renowned choreographers, dancers, or instructors.
Ensure that the judges are impartial and fair in their evaluations. Consider providing them with specific criteria to assess performances. Include factors like technique, creativity, stage presence, and overall impact.
Transparent judging processes contribute to the credibility of the competition and the satisfaction of participants.

2. Supporting the participants

Create a supportive and encouraging environment for the participants.
Offer pre-show workshops or masterclasses led by experienced instructors. This can help participants refine their skills and gain valuable insights.
Provide clear guidelines and expectations. These should include performance requirements, time limits, and any specific rules or restrictions.
Additionally, offer constructive feedback and mentorship opportunities to help participants grow as dancers.

3. Ensuring safety and well-being

Everyone’s safety and well-being should be a top priority. Ensure that the venue meets all necessary safety regulations.
Think about proper lighting, emergency exits, and first aid facilities.
Implement measures to prevent injuries during performances. This includes clear stage markings, appropriate flooring, and supervision during rehearsals.
Communicate any specific health and safety guidelines to participants and attendees.

4. Post-show evaluation and reflection

Take the time to evaluate its success and gather feedback after the show. Send out surveys or conduct post-event interviews.
These can help you understand what worked well and areas for improvement. Reflect on the challenges faced during the organization process. Also, identify ways to enhance future events.
Use the feedback to refine your planning strategies. This way, you build a reputation for hosting exceptional dance competition shows. 


Organizing a modern dance competition show requires meticulous planning. You also need attention to detail and creative execution.
Create a memorable experience for both performers and the audience. Gather your team and unleash your creativity.Get ready to stage an extraordinary dance competition show that will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved. Make your dance competition show a resounding success with Rent for Event’s premium rental services. Contact us now to discuss your requirements, and let’s take your event to the next level. 

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