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25 Church Fundraising Ideas That Are Fun and Effective

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Hey there! Are you looking for fresh and exciting ways to raise funds for your beloved church? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of church fundraising ideas that are not only effective but also a whole lot of fun!
Like your grandma’s delicious brisket, we have sliced it into 25 sections for easier ingesting. And like your ideal sermon, we’ve kept it short.
Say goodbye to dull and boring fundraisers, and get ready to ignite the spirit of giving within your congregation. Let’s dive right in!

Favorite Church Fundraiser Idea #1: Bake Sale Bonanza

  • Organize a bake sale with delicious homemade treats made by members of your congregation.
  • Set up a booth at local events or outside your church to attract more customers.
  • Offer a variety of baked goods such as cookies, cakes, and pies to cater to different tastes.

Church Fundraising Idea #2: Car Wash Extravaganza

  • Host a car wash event in your church parking lot.
  • Advertise the event through social media, flyers, and word of mouth.
  • Charge a reasonable fee for each car washed and provide excellent service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Fundraising Idea for Churches #3: Silent Auction

  • Collect donated items from local businesses and church members.
  • Display the items in an attractive manner and create bid sheets for each item.
  • Hold a silent auction during a church event or online, allowing participants to bid on their favorite items.

Church Fundraising Idea #4: Talent Show

  • Encourage members of your congregation to showcase their talents.
  • Organize a talent show where participants can sing, dance, perform magic tricks, or display any other unique skills.
  • Charge an admission fee for attendees and offer prizes for the top performers.

Fundraiser Ideas for Church #5: Community Yard Sale

  • Invite members of your community to participate in a yard sale held at your church.
  • Rent out tables to vendors and charge a small fee for each table.
  • Promote the event through local newspapers, online classifieds, and community bulletin boards.

Small Church Fundraising Idea #6: Walkathon for a Cause

  • Organize a walkathon where participants can raise funds by collecting pledges from family and friends.
  • Choose a cause that resonates with your church community, such as supporting a local charity or funding a mission trip.
  • Set a specific distance for the walkathon and provide water stations along the route.

Fundraisers for Churches Idea #7: Movie Night Madness

  • Host a movie night at your church and screen a popular film.
  • Charge an admission fee and offer concessions such as popcorn, candy, and drinks.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere with comfortable seating and dimmed lights and a large movie screen.

Ideas for Church Events #8: Game Night Galore

  • Organize a game night where members of your congregation can come together for some friendly competition.
  • Set up different game stations such as board games, card games, and video games.
  • Charge a small entry fee and offer prizes for the winners.

Fundraising Idea for Churches #9: Craft Fair Fiesta

  • Invite local artisans and crafters to showcase their creations at a craft fair held in your church.
  • Charge a booth rental fee and encourage vendors to donate a portion of their sales to the church.
  • Promote the event through social media, local newspapers, and community bulletin boards.

Church Fundraising Idea #10: Concert for a Cause

  • Host a concert featuring local musicians or bands.
  • Sell tickets to the concert and offer refreshments during intermission.
  • Partner with local businesses to sponsor the event and display their logos on promotional materials.

Fun Church Social Event Idea #11: Sports Tournament Showdown

  • Organize a sports tournament such as basketball, soccer, or volleyball.
  • Charge a registration fee for teams to participate and offer prizes to the winning team.
  • Create a festive atmosphere with music, food stalls, and cheering spectators.

Another Fun Church Event Idea #12: Dinner Party Delight

  • Host a themed dinner party at your church where attendees can enjoy a delicious meal.
  • Charge a ticket price that covers the cost of food and entertainment.
  • Decorate the venue according to the theme and provide live music or performances.

Fundraisers for Churches Idea #13: Raffle Mania

  • Collect donated items or gift certificates from local businesses.
  • Sell raffle tickets and draw winners at a church event or online.
  • Promote the raffle through social media, flyers, and word of mouth.

Fundraiser Ideas for Church #14: Trivia Night Triumph

  • Organize a trivia night where participants can test their knowledge in various categories.
  • Charge an entry fee per team and offer prizes for the top-scoring teams.
  • Create a lively atmosphere with music, snacks, and friendly competition.

Church Fundraiser Idea #15: Art Auction Adventure

  • Encourage members of your congregation to donate their artwork for an art auction.
  • Display the artwork in a gallery-like setting and provide descriptions for each piece.
  • Hold a live or silent auction and allow attendees to bid on their favorite pieces.

Ideas for Church Events #16: Book Sale Bonanza

  • Collect donated books from church members and the community.
  • Set up tables with different genres and price the books attractively.
  • Advertise the book sale through social media, local newspapers, and community bulletin boards. 

Fun Church Events Idea #17: Carnival Extravaganza

  • Host a church carnival with games, rides, and food stalls.
  • Charge an admission fee and sell tickets for individual games and attractions.
  • Partner with local businesses to sponsor different aspects of the carnival.

Fundraisers for Churches Idea #18: Fashion Show Frenzy

  • Organize a fashion show featuring clothing and accessories donated by local boutiques and church members.
  • Sell tickets to the fashion show and offer refreshments during intermission.
  • Showcase different styles and trends while promoting a sense of community.

Not-so-Fun Church Fundraiser Idea #19: Yard Cleanup Brigade

  • Offer yard cleanup services to members of your community.
  • Advertise the service through flyers and social media.
  • Charge a reasonable fee for each yard cleaned and ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

Fun Church Events Idea #20: Spectacular Karaoke Night

  • Host a karaoke night where attendees can showcase their singing talents.
  • Charge an entry fee and offer prizes for the best performances.
  • Create a lively atmosphere with colorful lights and a stage setup.

Fundraisers for Churches Idea #21: Outdoor Movie Magic

  • Set up an outdoor movie screen in your church parking lot or garden.
  • Choose a family-friendly film and provide seating options such as blankets or lawn chairs.
  • Charge an admission fee and offer concessions for a complete movie experience.

Donations for Churches Idea #22: Donation Drive Delight

  • Organize a donation drive where members of your congregation can contribute items such as clothing, food, or toiletries.
  • Partner with local charities or shelters to distribute the donations.
  • Promote the donation drive through social media, church bulletins, and community outreach.

Fun Church Events Idea #23: Talent Auction Adventure

  • Encourage members of your congregation to offer their skills or services for auction.
  • Create a catalog listing each talent or service available for bidding.
  • Hold a live or silent auction and allow attendees to bid on their desired talents.

Fundraisers for Churches Idea #24: Fun Run Fiesta

  • Organize a fun run event where participants can raise funds by collecting pledges.
  • Choose a scenic route and provide water stations along the way.
  • Offer prizes for the top fundraisers and create a festive atmosphere with music and cheering supporters.

Church Fundraising Idea #25: Technology Rental Extravaganza

  • Rent out technology equipment such as LED screens, projectors, audio equipment, and karaoke machines.
  • Advertise the rental services to local businesses, schools, and community organizations.
  • Provide excellent customer service and ensure the equipment is in top condition.


Whether you choose to host a bake sale, organize a talent show, or rent out technology equipment, the key is to engage your congregation and community while raising funds for your church’s needs.

Why Choose Rent for Event for Church Fundraisers?

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Our team is dedicated to helping you create memorable events that leave a lasting impact. Get in touch with us today and let’s take your church fundraisers to the next level!
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