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TMB Solaris LED Flare


Rent TMB Solaris LED Flare in Miami. The Solaris Flare allows you to mix or bump thousands of colors instantaneously. Use alone or synchronize multiple units to create large-scale color-changing strobe effects. The extremely high refresh rate of these versatile, compact RGBW fixtures make them ideal for TV and film applications, as well as theatre, concert, dance club, and rental application of all kinds.


Simultaneous color Wash and Strobe in one fixture!
1000 Watt brightness in a single LED Wash/Strobe
Instantaneous RGBW color mixing
1200Hz refresh rate with over 2,000,000 instantaneous color changes
Super Bright “Blinder” constant-on mode!
Pixel-map feature – 12 discrete individually-controlled LED “zones”