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UA844 SWB Shure Wideband Active Antenna Splitter


Rent UA844 5-Way Active Antenna Splitter in Miami. Power For QLX-D, ULX, ULX-D, SLX, And BLX4R Receivers (470-952MHz)

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Expand your wireless microphone system with the Shure UA844+SWB/LC. This distribution system splits one pair of antennas to five receivers. It conveniently amplifies the antennas’ RF signals to compensate for any loss incurred by splitting the signal. Compatible with Shure QLX-D, ULX, ULX-D, SLX, and BLX receivers, up to five UA844+SWB/LC systems can be used in a two-tiered configuration. The live sound gurus at Sweetwater have been building sound reinforcement rigs for decades. Give us a call. We’re happy to help!