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LED Video Wall Screen 13.1′ x 8.2′ P2.97mm Indoor Turn-key

Original price was: $24,999.00.Current price is: $23,199.00.

This Rent For Event’s 13.1’ x 8.2’ P2.97 mm indoor package is a turn-key system equipped with high-resolution Mirackle® LED panels. Each panel is powered by NovaStar’s MRV208-1 receiving card.
As one of the leading LED panel brands in the market, Mirackle® offers a plug-and-play package for fast and easy installation. These indoor panels are also front-service, which means they can be wall-mounted, allowing you to save space without compromising visual quality.

Best for:

This 13.1’ x 8.2’ P2.97 mm indoor LED wall package is designed for churches and houses of worship. The 40-panel construction and front-service design makes it the perfect display even for small venues. On top of that, this LED package has a high refresh rate, which means that you won’t lose image resolution and color uniformity even when used on live broadcasts or graphics-heavy media files.
Overall, this is one of the top choices among churches and house of worships for its slim profile and orientation. It’s also a full package complete with all the needed software, video processor, cabling, rigging bars, and flight cases for easy storage or transport.

What’s in the package?

40 x Mirackle®/NovaStar P2.97 mm LED panels
1 x video processor with HDMI, VGA, and DVI inputs
1 x NovaStar MCTRL300 sending card
4 x hanging bars (for rigging)
40 x data Cat6 link cables
40 x locking power link cables
2 x locking power to Edison cables
2 x Cat6 25-feet cable
2-year manufacturer warranty for all parts
Technical support (additional fees apply)
Spare parts are available upon request

Technical specifications

Brightness (per panel): 1,500 nits
Pixel pitch: 2.97 mm
Best viewing distance: At least 6 feet
Viewing angle: Vertical 140° Horizontal 140°
Pixel density: 168 x 168 per panel
Module quantity: 4 per 250 x 250 mm panel
LED configuration: 3-in-1 SMD2121 LED
Weight: 18 lbs.

Control system

Color mode: NovaStar Synchronous System with DVI control
Refresh rate: 3840 Hz
Input power cable: AC 100V to 240V | 50-60 Hz
Max. power consumption: 100W per panel
Average power consumption: 50W per panel
Connections: Locking power in/out | Data EtherCon in/out
Support input: Composite, S-video, Component, VGA, HDMI, DVI, HD_SDI
Scan mode: 1/28

Protection and longevity

Protection level: Front: IP54 |Rear: IP54
MTBF: > 100,000 hours
Note: A power generator is not included, but it can be added at an additional price.