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Lycian M2 Followspot


Rent Lycian M2 Followspot in Miami. The M2 followspot is comprised of modules that can be easily assembled into various configurations allowing a design to fit specific applications or to reconfigure as the requirements change. The modular system is based on the ability to change the followspot to have either a short, medium or long throw lens; to change between a 1200W or 2500W HMI light source with either an electronic or magnetic ballast. This concept gives maximum flexibility to designers, rental houses, and customers for their application. For ease of use, the followspot can conveniently be set up to be operated from either side.


Long life 2500 Watt HMI lamp
New condenser optics for ultra flat fields
Six color boomerang
Versatile gate assembly
Fixed or variable focus
Heavy duty iris- with heat shield
Square shutter
Gobo holder