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Arri M90 9000W HMI


Rent Arri M90 9000W HMI in New York. The M90 is equipped with MAX Technology which unifies the advantages of a Fresnel and a PAR fixture. The 9000W unit is open-faced and is focusable from 16 deg up to 49 deg just by turning the focus knob. It produces an even light field and the elimination of spread lenses speeds up the workflow on set.


Lens-less MAX Technology
Closes the gap between M40 and ARRIMAX 18/12
9000W lamps with the size of 6000W lamps
Superior light quality
Light output matches a 12kW PAR (with lens)
As small and lightweight as a 6kW PAR
Focusable from 16 deg up to 49 deg
Can also be used with 6000W lamps and ballasts
Uses existing 6kW cables
Cross-cooling allows safe operation until 90 deg tilt position
Tilt locks on both sides hold any heavy accessories
Protection class IP23
Possibility to operate at 1000 Hz