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ETC Element 40, 500 Channels


Rent ETC Element 40, 500 Channels in Miami. Element is designed for mainly conventional lighting rigs with some motorized accessories, LEDs and a few moving lights. Element consoles offer built in LTP channel and submaster faders that change mode with the turn of a switch. More complex devices are controlled using the on-screen On Demand ML Controls. To get users up and running quickly, Element provides command prompts on screen abovethe command line.

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500 Channels
Two universes of output (1,024 addresses)
Command Prompts
Single Cue List
True LTP Channel Faders
300 Submasters
On Demand ML Controls
Net3 and ETCNet2 network native
Master Playback fader, Grand Master and Blackout
RDM Compatible
39 pounds, 37″ x 23″ x 11″