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Astera Titan Tube – IP65 Rated


Rent Astera Titan Tube in Miami. IP65 Rated in Miami. Titan is the ultimate LED tube for filmmakers, TV studios and any creative person. It emits powerful, tunable white with ultra-high color rendering as well as colored light which can be applied to individual pixels or the whole tube. The tube offers unlimited range of usage; indoor or outdoor, AC-powered or on battery, on the go with the AsteraApp, with wired or wireless DMX.

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Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Mint, Amber
Total LED power: 72W
2,900 Lumen
Strobe: 0-25Hz
Beam Angle: 120˚
Field Angle: 180˚
Pixels: 16
Battery Runtime: Up to 20 hours
Charging Time: 3 hours
IP Rating: IP65