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Arri M18 1800W HMI


Rent Arri M18 1800W HMI in Miami. The M18 combines MAX Technology, True Blue features and a 1800W lamp. The result is an HMI that can be powered from most domestic sockets. It is as small as a 1200W PAR lamphead but with 70% higher light output. Adjustable from 20 deg to 60 deg beam angle, the M18 can also be used with 1200W lamps.

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Lens-less MAX Technology: Easy to use
1800W lamp
Virtually the same size as a 1200 W lamphead but more than 70% brighter
Runs from most domestic sockets world-wide
Uses existing 575/1200/1800W cables
Can also be used with 1200W lamps and ballasts
Cross Cooling allows safe operation at any tilt angle
Protection class IP 23