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Truss Rental in Las Vegas

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Why choose Rent For Event for stage truss rental in Las Vegas

At Rent For Event, our truss rentals are built with two things in mind: safety and functionality. Our team of engineers and technicians will ensure that you’ll have durable trusses that can support all your needed rigging.

All our truss equipment is inspected and quality-controlled periodically. We always put our rentals to the highest standards to ensure that you’ll have peace of mind at your event.

Our team will design your trusses with the correct weight calculation and technical report. We never cut corners on our truss rentals. Everything is meticulously designed and installed, whether it’s a single truss section or an entire arena stage setup. 

We also provide solid ground support, so your trussing will be safe for everyone at the event. Our rentals also carry all standard truss sizes to suit your event’s needs.

Not sure what truss system you need? Call us and our team will help you choose the right truss equipment and setup for your event.

We also offer full-service rentals, which include delivery, installation, breakdown, and pickup. You don’t have to do any lifting – our team got you covered! Whether it’s a concert, festival, party, conference, sporting event, and more, you can rely on us for your truss needs.

What is rigging equipment rental?

Rigging is the process of suspending and setting up equipment overhead using truss structures. This includes microphones, speakers, lighting, LED screens, and more. We often provide rigging equipment rental for live events, but we also have a large clientele in video and TV production.

Our truss systems are made of durable steel hinged together to create various configurations. It comes in conical, spigoted, pre-rig, plated, or touring types.

Trusses are a crucial part of rigging during your event. It ensures all your heavy equipment is secured during operation, especially moving pieces like lighting.

Also, proper rigging and trussing will enhance the quality of your video, audio, and staging. You can also use it for other creative applications during your event.

Through rigging equipment rental, you can free up space on your stage. This means your main acts will have enough room onstage, and you can also incorporate other elements.

For the best results, rigging must be done by experienced and professional technicians. At Rent For Event, we have an amazing team with 20+ years of experience who will handle the entire rigging process.

And for total convenience, you can hire us for full production, which includes the entire audiovisual setup with trusses. We ensure you’ll get a truss system with a high load-bearing capacity to support all your needed equipment.

Popular Truss Structure stage Packages

Equipment rental

We can build any custom size and shape truss structure and provide rigging services, as well as all other Audio Visual and Lighting equipment you might need.

How to use your truss rental in Las Vegas

There are many ways to maximize your stage trusses during an event. It can serve as the backbone of your stage and more!
Make sure all your guests will hear the program well by suspending sound equipment on trusses. It’s perfect for small events or large festivals that use line arrays.
Create a clutter-free environment on your stage by suspending equipment on a truss system. It secures all your lighting, sound projection, theater rigging, and more in one place.
Truss rentals are also ideal for banner and backdrop installation. You can add this element to your stage or event venue to boost your branding.
A durable truss system holds your LED wall in place. It serves as the backbone of your display and is available in various sizes.
Our professional truss rentals are often used in production studios for complete rigging. It holds the audio, video, and lighting equipment needed for the project.

You can also rent trusses as the foundation of an outdoor tent. It’s a popular option for pop-up events and other small-scale outdoor gatherings.

Use your truss rental to hang automated lighting fixtures, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

check our showcases

CBS – Dancing with the stars

– 30 years anniversary

The client approached us and requested a walkthrough. Our Production manager Valentin got on-site and put together a plan according to the client’s budget. The pre-production team put together a render, but then we encountered an issue with uneven flooring on the parking lot, so we’ve had to change the location and redo the plan. In the end here’s a scope of what we did for this job:

In the end, we delivered and executed in a timely manner. Our clients were happy dancing on the dance floor, here’s a quote from the head producer:

It felt like a nightclub in Bushwick, you guys did a great job!

Lisa Ledterman

In the end, we delivered and executed in a timely manner. Our clients were happy dancing on the dance floor, here’s a quote from the head producer:

It felt like a nightclub in Bushwick, you guys did a great job!

Lisa Ledterman

Projection and Screen Rental For Netflix Show

Projection and Screen Rental For Netflix Show

3 Screens Rear Projection Mapping

Netflix associate approached us with a request to create a large scale Projection Background for the show they worked on. Te background was suppose to be 3 screens that can be synced together and create one large surface and be able to function as 3 independent screens at the same time.

We have used 3 X 24′ (330″ diagonal) screens which created 72′ of projection surface with 3X12k lumen rear projectors. We also created special mapping video server.

We goal was to make it look as separate space, so we separated the rest of the studio with blackout drapes of the same height as screens ( 13′ high)

The client was very excited and happy with professionalism and creativity of our team and the final look we were able to achieve.

The client was very excited and happy with professionalism and creativity of our team and the final look we were able to achieve.

Led wall rental in Four Seasons Las Vegas

Celebration of life — Full Av production

The event planner approached us with the need to create classy atmosphere on Elite Life Celebration Event in Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. So, they needed everything to go as smoothly and professional as possible, so they hired us.

The goal was to transform the banquet hall with lighting and LED walls. We lighted up the whole room, the stage, dance floor and pre-function area. For the stag we used 1 large LED screen and 2 smaller ones for the sides. We also had 3 cameras for recording and we did lMAG on the screens of everything what as going on on the stage and in the room live, so guests could feel themselves as part of the show. We also showed family pictures and videos as the background, which created great friendly atmosphere.

In the end, we delivered and executed in a timely manner. Our clients were happy dancing on the dance floor, here’s a quote from the head producer:

The best Production team, if you want to have Stress Free event

Jacqueline Foster

In the end, we delivered and executed in a timely manner. Our clients were happy dancing on the dance floor, here’s a quote from the head producer:

The best Production team, if you want to have Stress Free event

Jacqueline Foster

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Sean Garrison
From Play Agency

«How’s it going my name is Sean Garrison I work with „Play Agency“ we hit up Rent For Event Las Vegas last minute with like three days to spare and we got a giant LED wall we got four TVs for PacSun and 40-love. We got the photo booth set up. We got few TVs for Courvoisier.

Rent For Event came through with three days to spare and saved our lives! I would suggest them to anyone and I will use them forever!»
Anne Spalter
From Anne Spalter Studios
"My name is Anne Spalter from Anne Spalter Studios and this is Spring Break Art Show in LA. The theme this year is 2020 was excess.

Rent For Event Las Vegas was awesome to work with. Igor was very easy to communicate with and has made the whole thing really much easier than I ever thought it would be and his expertise is really essential to making this happen at all. We hired them for a full production, but we had our own idea. They made it happen. We got 3 led walls on a trusses, each panel is 1.5m x 1.5m (4.9′ x 4.9′).

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Play Video
Robert Renaud
From MINE Expo participant
«We were at MINE Expo 2011 (2021) in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. We’d like to thank Rent For Event for a beautiful display and clarity of our videos that we’ve streamed to our innovation days from Finland to people here, in Las Vegas, and to the mining community of North America and to people who attended the show here. The services provided were Full Production, Live Stream, LED walls.»
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Najee Jalice

I will use Rent For Event LA for all of may events moving forward! As an event planner it isn’t easy to find reliable and quality vendors when you are new to the city but I appreciate all that Yegor helped us with for my clients album release party…

The LED wall, crisp sound system and custom lighting really made the night more than special for my client!

Kacie Lehner
Igor and Dmitry were incredible. I hired them to set up screens for a music video I produced and they worked tirelessly to create the look and feel of what we were going for. They stayed extra hours, collaborated with the entire crew and made our vision come to life. I can’t wait to work with them again on another project. I highly recommend Rent For Event
elizabeth w.

Igor and his team were great! He was fast to respond and quickly sent updated quotes when we had changes. We had a few last minute requests that they were able to easily accommodate and had the best prices…

We reached out to a bunch of other companies for quotes for pipe and drape and a stage setup and they were by far the best prices.
Matt LeDuc

Igor and his team were super easy to work with and great with their communication. We used them for a Drive-In Movie in a high school setting. They helped us put on a memorable event for high school students in this hard time…

Igor even worked with us to play both a movie and stream a live game, which took our event to the next level.
Marta K.
I had a great experience. Vlad was nice, knowledgable and did a terrific job setting it all up. I highly recommend them. I also highly recommend setting up a screen in the back yard. It’s really fun.

Then he came back at the exact time agreed to and was very quick about getting everything wrapped up.

Ted King
We rented a 14 foot high movie screen, DVD player, and speakers to show a movie in our front yard for the kids. The delivery was early, the technician not only set everything up, he waited until sundown to make sure the picture was perfect…
Everything went off without a hitch. Great experience, highly recommended!

By working with us, you help change children's lives

One step at a time. A portion of our income goes to unLIMBited Foundation, an
organization that saves children’s limbs when amputation looks like the only option.

Questions we get asked a lot
Stage trusses are versatile and can be configured based on your event or performance needs. Our engineers can install it to support your audio, lighting, video, banner, and other equipment. Also, our trusses can be installed overhead or vertically on your stage or around the venue to create different structures.
The common stage truss types are box, triangle, and square truss. There are more types used in event production, which depend on what your event needs. Our engineers can help you choose the best one based on weight requirements, space, and other factors.
To find a suitable stage truss, you must consider weight requirements, venue space, performance type, rigging, etc. Each event has unique needs, so it’s essential to get a custom truss system that matches the needs of your event, audience, and performers. Rent For Event will help you select the right choice, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspect.
Stages trusses are safe if installed and maintained by professionals. To avoid problems, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer for specific truss equipment. Regular truss inspection is also necessary to spot wear and tear that would weaken the structure. When working on trusses, professionals must always wear protective gear and observe safe lifting practices.
Truss rental prices depend on the type, size, and quality of the system you need. In general, bigger trusses are more expensive, especially for complicated systems that require a specialized approach. At Rent For Event, we offer the most competitive truss pricing In Las Vegas, so you’ll get the best value for money.