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Zoom Lens ET-D75LE


Rent Zoom Lens ET-D75LE in Miami
Compatible Projectors:

Zoom Lens ET-D75LE6 0.9-1.1:1
Zoom Lens ET-D75LE10 1.3-1.7:1
Zoom Lens ET-D75LE20 1.7-2.4:1
Zoom Lens ET-D75LE30 2.4-4.7:1
Zoom Lens ET-D75LE40 4.6-7.4:1
Fixed-focus Lens ET-D75LE50 0.75:1

*price per lens (billing 1day a week)


This zoom lens is designed for use with the DLP projector. The lens makes it possible to vary the projection distance by changing the focal distance.

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