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Slip-Fit Base


Rent Slip-Fit Base in Miami. 18″ Bases come standard with a 6″ high pin.  Made from galvanized, 8 Ga. steel and features a stacking slot, carrying handle and 5 pin placement holes on each base.  These bases are recommended to pair with uprights up to 12′ H.


18″ Bases designed to pair with any Upright up to 12′ high. These bases feature a convenient carrying handle and are available with 1.5″ or 2″ x 6″ high pin sizes. The taller you go with your Telescoping Upright, the heavier the Base you need. Check out our Heavy Duty Bases for uprights over 12′ or for even greater stability you can also add a Base Weight or Saddle Bag for increased support on your base.