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Mole Richardson Nine-Light Molefay


Rent Mole Richardson Nine-Light Molefay in Houston. The Nine-Light Molefay is lightweight and compact. It is ideal for exterior fill-light and for hard-to-get-to or confined areas. By directing this lamp through a windshield or window, boosting of daylight can be achieved. Nine toggle switches on the light housing provide full control over each bulb.

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Head: Type 5541
Rating: 120 volts, AC or DC, 48.8 amps max., 5850 watts max.
Construction: Solid and perforated sheet steel.
Yoke: Cast aluminum with removable 1-1/8″ steel yoke pin.
Beam Control: Pivoted globe modules permit variable beam coverage.
Size: 19″ x 16-1/8″ x 4-3/8″ (including switches and globe guards).
Head Weight: 21-1/2″ lbs.