Mackie sr 24-4 24 Channel


Rent Mackie sr 24-4 24 Channel in Miami.

  • On stage (or in the studio), XDR microphone preamps and VLZ give this mixer fantastic headroom
  • Astonishing fidelity
  • Provides double the mix headroom of conventional designs


 Low noise/high headroom XDR™ (Extended Dynamic Range) mic preamps with excellent RFI rejection

 New high-performance 2068 op-amps for incredibly low noise and distortion

 Improved cooling for even greater thermal protection

 20 mic/line mono, and 2 stereo line channels

 True 4-bus design

 Solo, pan, and 16 kHz Air EQ on each submaster

 6 individual aux sends per channel (2 pre, 2 post, 2 switchable pre/post)

 3-band swept midrange EQ on mic channels; 4-band fixed on stereo line channels

 75 Hz low-cut filters on mic channels

 Mute, solo, signal present and OL LEDs on every channel

 6 aux send masters with individual solos

 4 stereo aux returns with EFX monitor

 Separate Talkback section with mic preamp

 Double-bused sub outs for easy multi-track routing

 Balanced stereo TRS & XLR main outputs  Balanced XLR mono output with level control