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LED Screen Rental in Phoenix

Phoenix Audio Visual Expert

Why rent LED screen from Rent For Event

We specialize in LED video wall rental with complete delivery, installation, operation, and teardown. All our video engineers are licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

For years, Rent For Event has worked with large corporate clients like Netflix, CBS, and BET TV. We also love creating the best ambiance for intimate gatherings like weddings and birthday parties.

Our LED video screens are widely used in speaking events, conferences, trade shows, concerts, and any event where you want to show video content.

Rest assured that our LED walls will take your event to another level. You’ll get high-end, professional, and world-class LED displays.
See how our professional AV team can make your event stand out from competitors! 


We can create a LED video wall in any size and shape desirable for your event
Includes full delivery / set up / operation / breakdown.

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Check some of our pre-set all-inclusive
led screen packages for p 2.6 mm
Includes full delivery / set up / operation / breakdown.

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types of events we serve
Why rent LED screens?

LED screen rentals are the newest trend in live event production. It makes your event more engaging and attractive for your guests, whatever industry you’re in.

We have indoor, outdoor, and mobile LED video walls perfect for a wide range of events and occasions. Our engineers can customize them to suit both small and large events at a reasonable cost.

Our LED walls are in-demand for concerts, festivals, product launches, sporting events, and conferences. It’s guaranteed to keep your audience completely immersed throughout the event. 

How Does a LED Wall Work?

An LED wall is like a massive TV screen made up of smaller, interconnected LED panels.

Each LED panel consists of individual diodes with varying pixel pitches. Pixel pitch is the distance between each diode on the panel - the closer they are, the better the resolution will be.

An LED panel uses 3 colors: blue, red, and green. These can create an infinite range of colors, allowing LED video walls to display any image, video, or media you like.

Each LED panel consists of individual diodes with varying pixel pitches. Pixel pitch is the distance between each diode on the panel - the closer they are, the better the resolution will be.

An LED panel uses 3 colors: blue, red, and green. These can create an infinite range of colors, allowing LED video walls to display any image, video, or media you like.

our recent clients

Rent For Event provides LED screen rental services
and event production support throughout the Western U.S.

LED Screen Rentals

Are you planning to host an outdoor movie screening? A family get-together?

An outdoor LED screen is the best way to go! It provides an excellent outdoor viewing experience even during the daytime.

Regular TV screens only have 200-500 nits of brightness, while our LED screens have spectacular 5000-8000 nits. This makes our LED walls bright and visible even under the bright sun – no glares or reflections! 


Are you organizing a conference, trade show, or private party? If you want to stand out from the competition, an LED wall is a great way to do so.

We only use cutting-edge LED technology delivered by our licensed and insured team. We also offer live feed and live stream services to match your screen rental. 

LED Screen Rental

Our mobile LED screen is mounted on wheels, usually on a trailer or a truck. It’s adaptable to any venue and can be driven away within minutes.

Mobile LED wall rentals are cost-effective and can be customized to your needs. 

Giant LED Wall

Planning to host a large event with a big audience? Our giant LED wall might be exactly what you need!

These LED displays will capture your audience’s attention and create an unforgettable experience.

Don’t let their big size intimidate you! Our experienced tech team provides full support to set up your giant LED wall display anywhere in your venue.


Rent For Event provides LED video wall rentals for many types of events, such as the following:

Video Production

Video Production

An LED video wall is a great tool for video production studios when shooting content.

If you want an LED screen background to look great on camera, we suggest 2.6 mm LED panels since they have better resolution and image quality.  


and Birthday Parties

An LED video wall can also be a great setup for birthday parties and weddings. You can use it to display videos, photos, and live feeds during your event.

You can also use your LED screen as a photo backdrop. After that, you can turn it into a disco party wall to liven up the celebration with a DJ.

We’ve worked with thousands of events, and LED video walls always create an unforgettable experience for all the guests.  

and Forums

and Forums

One of the biggest secrets for a high engagement at conferences and forums is an LED screen.

With an LED screen, all your attendees will get a clear view of your presentation with a size and setup tailored to your needs.

An LED display promotes an interactive and collaborative environment for forums, conferences, and workshops. It’s much better than projectors in terms of cost and visibility.

We’ve worked with small and large conferences in the past, ensuring they had the best LED setup and tech support. 

Trade Shows

trade shows

With an LED wall on your booth, you can capture the attention of attendees quickly. It will make your booth stand out from the rest since it’s more engaging and eye-catching.

An LED setup can help draw more people to your stand and increase sales. You can choose from a wall-mounted, freestanding, or custom setup to match your needs.

We’ve helped brands like Honda, Hilton, and BET execute their trade shows, and yours can be our next successful project. 

What you get when you choose rent for event?


Our service is licensed and insured

24/7 Support

Via phone and e-mail

Quality Equipment

We use only a state
of the art equipment


Equipment for small meetings
to large productions


10 years and 1000+ of events completed

Super Easy Booking

Reserve your rental in just a few clicks

Personal Touch

We make your event exactly
what you want it to be


Upgrades you can add
to make event better

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What our clients say about us

Najee Jalice

I will use Rent For Event for all of may events moving forward! As an event planner it isn’t easy to find reliable and quality vendors when you are new to the city but I appreciate all that Yegor helped us with for my clients album release party…

The LED wall, crisp sound system and custom lighting really made the night more than special for my client!

Kacie Lehner
Igor and Dmitry were incredible. I hired them to set up screens for a music video I produced and they worked tirelessly to create the look and feel of what we were going for. They stayed extra hours, collaborated with the entire crew and made our vision come to life. I can’t wait to work with them again on another project. I highly recommend Rent For Event
elizabeth w.

Igor and his team were great! He was fast to respond and quickly sent updated quotes when we had changes. We had a few last minute requests that they were able to easily accommodate and had the best prices…

We reached out to a bunch of other companies for quotes for pipe and drape and a stage setup and they were by far the best prices.
Matt LeDuc

Igor and his team were super easy to work with and great with their communication. We used them for a Drive-In Movie in a high school setting. They helped us put on a memorable event for high school students in this hard time…

Igor even worked with us to play both a movie and stream a live game, which took our event to the next level.
Marta K.
I had a great experience. Vlad was nice, knowledgable and did a terrific job setting it all up. I highly recommend them. I also highly recommend setting up a screen in the back yard. It’s really fun.

Then he came back at the exact time agreed to and was very quick about getting everything wrapped up.

Ted King
We rented a 14 foot high movie screen, DVD player, and speakers to show a movie in our front yard for the kids. The delivery was early, the technician not only set everything up, he waited until sundown to make sure the picture was perfect…
Everything went off without a hitch. Great experience, highly recommended!

Most of the time you will ask us these questions:

What Is Pixel Pitch?
Pixel pitch refers to the distance between each center of a light diode on the panel. This determines the resolution of the LED wall. A smaller pixel pitch means less empty space between pixels, making the display clearer.

How Do I Choose The Right Pixel Pitch?

If your attendees are closer to the screen, we suggest a 2.6 mm pixel pitch for better resolution. But if you’re hosting outdoor events with attendees far away from the screen, a pixel pitch of 3.9 mm is ideal.

What Does My LED Screen Rental Come With?

Our LED screen rental package includes delivery, setup, operation, and teardown. Our trained technicians will be on-site to troubleshoot any issues that may come up on your display and perform changes as you desire. If you’re booking a custom LED wall, we will send you a quote with a breakdown included.

What Is Aspect Ratio?

Aspect ratio refers to the relation between the screen or image’s width and height. It’s usually written in two numbers separated by a colon. For example, an aspect ratio of 16:9 means that there are 16 units of width for every 9 units of height.

Do You Rent Smaller Screens Such as TVs?

Yes, we offer all kinds of monitor displays. We offer television screen sizes 43″, 60″, 70″, and 82″, all in 4K UHD resolution. Our TV rentals also come with stands and our technicians can deliver and pick them up 24/7. 

Do you have weather-resistant LED walls?

Yes, we have specialized outdoor LED walls that can endure outdoor weather conditions such as rain and winds. It’s a good choice for outdoor events and if you expect potentially harsh weather. 

Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Contact us and we will help you out

LED Screen Rental In Phoenix

Rent For Event is your one-stop provider for all your LED screen rental needs in Phoenix, AZ. We have wall-mounted, stage-installed, trailer-mounted, ground-stacked, and more customized options to suit all types of events and venues. Some of the biggest venues in Phoenix we worked on are Chase Field, Footprint Center, Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix Municipal Hall, and more.

Why Rent LED Video Wall In Phoenix?

With the help of Rent For Event, you can captivate your audience through cutting-edge LED screen rental. We cater to all venues and events in Phoenix, AZ – big or small. A LED video wall rental is an effective method to convey your event’s message. It will also keep the crowd engaged during sporting events, conferences, concerts, festivals, and other big events in Phoenix. LED screens will also make your event stand out in Phoenix, AZ. It will create a good impression on your audience and it will also set you apart from your competitors.

LED Wall Display For Rent In Phoenix

Our Phoenix LED wall rental comes with a full-service package. We will handle everything from start to finish, including delivery, installation, operation, and breakdown. Our video engineers and technicians will cover all the technical aspects of your rental, so you can focus on other event matters.

Our turn-key LED wall display rental is popular and in demand in Phoenix. Some of our clients are Netflix, Hulu, CBS, Reddit, BET TV, and Peacock TV. We can customize your LED wall rental together with content integration during the event. Simply tell us what you want to achieve on your LED display and we will make it possible for you.

Price For LED Panel Screen Rental In Phoenix

Our LED panel screen rental is one of the most affordable options in Phoenix, AZ. We have pre-set and custom packages to match your event. Our team can also create a plan according to your budget. LED walls are cost-efficient ways to level up your event. It will provide an immersive experience to your audience, which will make your event memorable. Whether it’s for a private forum or a sold-out concert, our LED wall displays will make every moment shine. With us, your budget will not limit your creativity. We will showcase your content for better audience engagement, brand awareness, and higher revenue.