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Your Outdoor Event Rentals Checklist For 2022

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Having an outdoor event is an exciting ordeal. However, you have to make sure you have the right outdoor event rentals for the specific event you’re throwing. For those throwing an outdoor movie, you will need an outdoor movie rental to complete the night

There are plenty of events you can have, and when it comes to throwing them, knowing what you can rent for the event is great. Enjoy the ability to go down a checklist and know you have everything covered for your big event. It is an exciting way to get everyone together. 

We’ve compiled an outdoor event rental checklist to help you better manage the night. Having everything under control can help you feel more confident in the event itself. Go through the checklist to make sure you have everything covered and more. 

Outdoor Event Rentals Checklist

outdoor event rentals checklist

Your event that you throw is partly a reflection of you. It shows how well you can put something together, how much you care about the event, and more. This puts a lot of pressure on the person throwing the party to have it look amazing and work out great. Event management is something that requires patience. That’s why this outdoor event rental checklist is going to help keep you in line.  

Keep These Things in Mind:

  • What is the party for?
  • How many people are going to be joining you for it?
  • What food and drinks will you serve?
  • What will the guests do while they are at the event?
  • What types of amenities or comforts will the guests need?
  • Are lawn games on the agenda?
  • What is the date and time that you want to throw your event? 
  • Do you have a backup day for this day?


Having the simple, main questions answered first can help you then determine the where, what, when, how, and who. It will also help you find out how many and what type of outdoor event rentals you’re going to need for your upcoming event. 

Consider the Outdoor Event Rental Options

There are many options to go with when you want to rent an outdoor product for your event. Whether throwing a work-related party or a birthday party; having the right rentals is going to make all the difference in whether everyone is having a good time while there or not. 

outdoor stage rental

Some might even need an outdoor stage rental that offers a way to put on a show up-front in front of everyone. You can even put a projector screen on the stage if you choose. There are many rentals that you can go with. 

Rental screens are the most popular for outdoor movie events, though they can show anything on the big screen that you’d like to show. This can be anything from a movie video of pictures or home videos, or even work-related logos, business information, and anything else that can play on a screen. 

There are also projectors that can be used in addition to the screens. You provide the material that plays on the projectors, as mentioned above, but we provide the technology to not only offer a clear, quality picture and graphics but also the highest quality sounds. 

Lighting can be a big part of many events, which means you need enough of it and the right type. With Rent for Event, you know that we offer so many options to those looking to boost a little light in the area. This is great when your event is somewhere that is less than ideal for lighting, or when the event is outdoors and everyone needs to find their seats or go to the snack table. Whatever the need, renting lighting is recommended for any event.

Pipe and drape rentals are also popular for creating sections, dividing places off, and more. You can find that this is a great way to control the crowd or to get people to where you need them to go or even create a curtain for the screen. Whatever you need the drapes and pipe setups for; Rent for Event has numerous options, colors, sizes, and more to choose from to complete your event. 

With many rental options to choose from, there is sure to be something on the list for everyone. Find the perfect rental for your upcoming event. Take note, and enjoy. 

Other Considerations

There are some other considerations you want to keep in mind when searching for the perfect outdoor rentals for your upcoming event. Here are some of those considerations to ensure that you are all set to go when the date of your event comes up.

Power is a big part of the event for many people, and most likely needed for yours. Make sure to check if you have access to a power outlet that is strong enough to plug in the rentals you’re going to have, including the projector and screen. You don’t want to rent these only to find out you don’t have the power to run them.

Set up and clean up both are considerations to make when you are renting any sort of product from any company. You want to know whether you have to know enough about the equipment to do both of these yourself or not. When renting from Rent for Event, you don’t have to worry about either of these. This is because the crew does it all for you. They want to take one less thing off your shoulders, so you can focus more on the event.

How much space do you have to work with? How much more do you need if you don’t feel like you have enough? You want to know how big of a space you have before you rent products. They need to fit within the specific space that is set up for the party. Make sure to measure and speak with the professionals at the company before ordering.

Having an outdoor movie rental is an ideal way to go, especially if you don’t regularly have outdoor movies. You won’t need to purchase the supplies, especially when you can just rent them from a top company in the area. 

In Conclusion

Having this information is helpful because now you can make a more informed decision on whether the outdoor LED screen rental is right for you. You can speak with the professionals at Rent for Event LA to find out how they might be able to provide the help you need. Never have to worry about not having the right company for the job. Rent for Event LA knows exactly what they are doing. Give them a call today to set up your outdoor events for tomorrow with the event rentals you are in need of. 

Now We Are a National Company

We’ve expanded our operations into different cities throughout the states. You can expect to find us in more than just LA, but also in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, and New York. We can provide the best party rentals at the best price. Just ask us how! 

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