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Why You Should Consider Renting Your Lighting Equipment Instead of Buying It

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Having lighting for any type of event is important. Knowing where to get this equipment is important. With so many things to worry about for your event, you don’t want to choose the wrong place to light up your venue space with.

If you’re sitting there thinking, should I buy or rent lights for the next event I am hosting? You want to know more about each of the options you’re considering. These options both present a set of pros and cons to think about because you want something that is going to match your needs and the needs of your event.

1. What Type of Event is It?

A consideration to make is what type of event you’re having. This is going to make all the difference when you are looking at buying or renting. There is one clear way to tell whether you need to rent or buy the lighting equipment.

Is the event going to be a one-time event or are you going to be putting on the same type of events again and again?

If the answer is yes, it is a one-time event that you are having – it is best to consider lighting that is not going to be an investment. Renting is a more cost effective way to obtain the lighting equipment without having to make a huge investment in a product that you are not going to be using again.

Those considering re-selling might think they’re getting a better deal but with depreciation, the cost you will get back will only be what you don’t pay when compared to renting, if not less. Plus, you will have to go through the work of selling the items when you’re done with them. When renting lighting, you just have us come back at a designated, agreed upon time to disassemble it, pick it up and take it back.

2. No Worries When Using Professionals

When considering renting or buying, with renting you get access to knowledgeable professionals. These professionals are those who can help if something goes wrong during your event. They’re also able to set the equipment up for you, and also take it down for you.

Renting is one of those options that provide you with access to customer service that is always on hand to fix anything, should it happen. However, since they are professionals and they are setting everything up; there is less of a chance of having this happen.

However, when you are buying the lighting equipment, you don’t have access to this team of professionals. You’re given directions on how to put the equipment together with a quick explanation of how to use it. The quality of the instructions can vary depending on where you decide to purchase from.

3. Skip Insurance Premiums and Maintenance Costs

Since the lighting equipment is not yours, you don’t have to worry about the costs that come with maintaining the equipment. This can save hundreds of dollars, especially if you will just be storing the equipment somewhere. This can cause the equipment to break down and need more maintenance over time. If you’re not using the equipment regularly, this is an unnecessary expense.

If you are using the lighting in a place that requires safety restrictions to be in place, then you may be asked to get insurance to have this type of lighting put up and used. This can be expensive in some cases. If you are a business, this means that you have to spend even more to have the lighting put up – adding more to the investment you’ve already made to purchase the equipment.

Skip having to do this.

You can trust in a company that provides the necessary paperwork required when renting the equipment to the venue you’re using. It is simple, they deal with this issue, so you don’t have to. Focus more on the other aspects of your event instead of the lighting.

In Conclusion

Lighting spotlight installed on the stage to work during the event

The right lighting is going to make all the difference for your event. You can choose from many different options whether you’re renting or buying, but the pros and cons, again, are going to differ. A lot of events use rentals, as this is more personalized, professional, and it is much less work. However, going with the one that makes the most sense for your needs will benefit you.

It is important to look into the company that you’re renting from. Rent For Event provides quality equipment rental, including lighting that offers the most for the event you’re putting on. Trusting in our services can ensure that you save even more money with our affordable prices, quality services, and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

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